919.04 Inspection stamp.

The director of agriculture shall prescribe the wording of a sanitary or wholesomeness inspection stamp used on a horse carcass, horse meat, or horse meat food product or on the covering, wrapper, or container of such commodity when the commodity is intended for human food that is processed, sold, exposed, or offered for sale at retail in the state. The wording of the stamp shall specify that a sanitary inspection or an inspection for wholesomeness has been made of the commodity on which the stamp is used, and that the commodity has met the standards for sanitation or wholesomeness established in this chapter or rules adopted pursuant thereto.

The director may authorize the use of such an inspection stamp on horse carcasses, horse meat, or horse meat food products, or on the coverings, wrappers, or containers thereof, by qualified officials of the state, by any municipal inspection service, or by any district health inspection service approved by the director.

The use of such an inspection stamp by any unauthorized person, or the misuse thereof by any person so authorized, constitutes a violation of this section.

Effective Date: 06-20-1994