919.14 Application for exempted inspection service status.

The responsible head of any federal inspection service, district health department inspection service, or municipal inspection service may make application annually to the director of agriculture for designation of the organization which he represents as being qualified for an exempted inspection service status if he furnishes all pertinent information required by the director. If the director determines that the applicant for such exempted inspection service status represents an organization which operates under authority and maintains an inspection service equal to or more rigid than required by sections 919.01 to 919.20, inclusive, of the Revised Code, or in regulations pursuant thereto, in respect to labeling, stamping, sanitation, wholesomeness, adulteration, standards, and sales record keeping, such organization shall be so designated. Such approval shall be valid to and including the thirtieth day of June following date of designation.

Effective Date: 06-20-1994