921.03 Experimental use permits.

Provided the state is authorized by the administrator of the United States environmental protection agency to issue experimental use permits, the director of agriculture may:

(A) Issue an experimental use permit to any applicant if he determines that such a permit is necessary in order to accumulate information necessary to register a pesticide;

(B) Refuse to issue an experimental permit if he determines that the pesticide applications, to be made under the proposed terms and conditions, may cause unreasonable adverse effects on the environment;

(C) Prescribe terms, conditions, and period of time for the experimental use permit which shall be under the supervision of the director;

(D) Revoke any experimental use permit, at any time, if he finds that its terms or conditions are being violated, or that its terms and conditions are inadequate to avoid unreasonable adverse effects on the environment.

Effective Date: 09-01-1976