925.26 Adoption of federal grades.

Federal grades with any future grades, additions, or changes including "unclassified" in the case of peaches, potatoes, and dry onions, as well as a domestic grade to provide for the sale of marketable apples, which may include dropped apples, are hereby adopted by this state and apply whenever the grower or packer marks the grade of the fruit or vegetable on the container. Sections 925.21 to 925.32, inclusive, of the Revised Code do not apply to apples whose point or [of] origin is outside this state, which are graded and labeled according to the legalized grades of the state of their origin and which grades are approved by the department of agriculture.

The director of agriculture, pursuant to Chapter 119. of the Revised Code, may adopt regulations that add to, modify, or delete any grade for any fruit or vegetable.

Effective Date: 01-14-1972