925.61 Cucumber grades and standards.

The director of agriculture shall, by regulations adopted in accordance with sections 119.01 to 119.11, inclusive, of the Revised Code, establish standards and grades for cucumbers which shall be used by all commercial plants and by all persons representing or employed by such plants, when cucumbers for pickling are purchased from growers. The director shall establish such standards and grades as may be necessary for determining quality and size of cucumbers for pickling as they are received from or delivered by a grower to a brining plant, packing plant, processing plant, or loading station. In establishing such standards and grades, the director shall consider the standards and grades established in other states.

On and after January 1, 1970, no contract for the growing or purchase of cucumbers for commercial pickling made on the basis of standards or grades different from those established in accordance with this section may be enforced in the courts of this state.

Effective Date: 10-22-1969