941.10 Rules governing importation and movement of animals.

(A) The director of agriculture may adopt and enforce rules to govern the importation and movement of animals.

(B) Whenever the governor upon receipt of information from the director believes that any condition or disease, including a dangerously contagious or infectious disease present in any other state, territory, or country, may endanger the health of livestock, animals, or persons of this state, he may prohibit or regulate by proclamation, the importation from such other state, territory, or country, of animals of a kind that could carry that disease or condition into this state.

(C) No person shall import, move, sell, or dispose of any animal contrary to a proclamation issued by the governor under division (B) of this section, without first obtaining written permission from the director.

(D) When an animal is moved into the state in violation of any applicable federal or state law, the director or his authorized representative without prior hearing, may take whichever of the following courses of action regarding the animal as he determines is most appropriate:

(1) Quarantine the animal until it is brought into compliance;

(2) Order the animal returned to the point of origin;

(3) Order the animal moved to slaughter.

Effective Date: 06-20-1994