941.54 Tuberculosis tests.

(A) Every tuberculosis test shall be conducted by a licensed accredited veterinarian using a method approved by the department of agriculture.

(B) Every tuberculosis test shall be reported to the department within seven days after making the test, unless an extension of time is granted by the department.

(C) The report shall be made on a form provided by the department and shall include the name and address of the owner of the animal, identification of the animal, and any other information as may be required on the form.

(D) Every animal tested for tuberculosis shall be identified by a method approved by the director of agriculture.

(E) Every animal classed as a reactor shall be marked with a numbered red reactor tag furnished by the department. The department also shall brand cattle and bison on the left jaw with the letter "T" not less than three inches high within ten days of the classification of those animals.

(F) All cattle and bison classed as reactors shall forever be considered as infected with tuberculosis.

Effective Date: 06-20-1994