942.01 Garbage-fed swine and poultry definitions.

As used in sections 942.01 to 942.13 of the Revised Code:

(A) "Conveyance" means a vehicle, trailer, or compartment that is used to transport raw rendering material.

(B) "Garbage" means all waste material derived in whole or in part from the meat of any animal, including fish and poultry, or other animal material, and other refuse of any character that has been associated with such waste material resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking, or consumption of food.

(C) "Person" means any individual, corporation, partnership, association, society, company, firm, or other legal entity.

(D) "Raw rendering material" has the same meaning as in section 953.21 of the Revised Code.

(E) "Treated garbage" means any edible garbage for consumption by swine that has been heated at boiling point while being agitated, except in steam cooking equipment, to ensure that the garbage is heated throughout for thirty minutes under the supervision of a person licensed pursuant to section 942.02 of the Revised Code.

Amended by 128th General AssemblyFile No.9, HB 1, §101.01, eff. 7/17/2009.

Effective Date: 06-20-1994