947.01 Property identification definitions.

As used in this chapter:

(A) "Brand" means a distinctive design, mark of identification, or number that is applied to the hide of livestock by a hot iron or other humane method approved by the director of agriculture and is currently registered under section 947.02 of the Revised Code.

(B) "Livestock" means cattle, sheep, goats, and other animals of the family bovidae, swine and other animals of the family suidae, horses, mules, burros, asses, and other animals of the family equidae, alpacas, and llamas.

(C) "Person" includes an individual, firm, association, partnership, corporation, or other legal entity, and the state and any of its agencies, institutions, instrumentalities, or political subdivisions.

Effective Date: 04-04-1985; 2008 HB352 08-16-2008