955.38 [Repealed Effective 9/29/2015] Appeal hearing.

The probate court shall hear the appeals provided for in section 955.37 of the Revised Code as in equity and shall determine the fair market value of the animal that has been killed or injured. Not more than three witnesses shall be called by each party. The amount found by the court shall not exceed the lesser of five hundred dollars per animal or the uninsured amount of the loss or injury. The amount found shall be final, and the judge shall certify it to the board of county commissioners. Like proceedings shall be had as to payment thereof, as if the amount had been found by the board in the first instance.

If an increased allowance is made by the court, the costs shall be paid equally by the parties; if no increase is made, the plaintiff shall pay all the costs.

Repealed by 131st General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 64, §105.01, eff. 9/29/2015.

Effective Date: 11-01-1985; 2008 HB281 08-22-2008