5.2252 Brain aneurysm awareness month.

The month of September is designated as "Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month" to increase public awareness and understanding of brain aneurysms, including methods of early detection and treatment.

It is the intent of the general assembly in enacting this section to increase public awareness and understanding of brain aneurysms. The general assembly feels that it is vitally important that the state designate September as "Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month." According to the brain aneurysm foundation, brain aneurysms afflict approximately two per cent of Americans, most commonly those aged thirty-five to sixty years. The state encourages and commends private efforts, including those of the brain aneurysm foundation, to enhance funding for aneurysm research, provide educational materials and programs, and create a support network for patients, survivors, and their families.

Effective Date: 2008 SB243 04-07-2009 .