9.441 Continuing rights or benefits for prior service.

(A) As used in this section, "affected employee" means a municipal employee who becomes a county employee, or a county employee who becomes a municipal employee, as the result of any of the following:

(1) The merger of a municipal and a county office;

(2) The merger of municipal and county functions or duties;

(3) The transfer of functions or duties between a municipal corporation and county.

(B) The new employer of any affected employee shall treat the employee's prior service with such former employer as if it had been served with the new employer for the purpose of compensating the employee or granting him any other employee right or benefit which is based upon length of service.

(C) The new employer shall assign an affected employee to a pay rate that is not less than ninety per cent of the pay rate earned by the employee during the year concluding with the end of the pay period immediately preceding the effective date of the merger or transfer.

Effective Date: 12-29-1983 .