9.46 U.S. olympic participation leave.

The state and any political subdivisions shall grant employees leave from employment to participate in olympic competition sanctioned by the United States olympic committee. Any leave so granted shall not exceed the time required for actual participation in the competition, plus a reasonable time for travel to and return from the site of the competition, and a reasonable time for precompetition training at the site. The state or subdivision shall compensate the employee at his regular rate of pay during any leave granted for participation in olympic competition. Pay for each week of leave shall not exceed the amount the employee would receive for a standard work week as defined in section 124.18 of the Revised Code, and the employee shall not be paid for any day spent in olympic competition for which he would not ordinarily receive pay as part of his regular employment. The director of administrative services shall implement this act by adopting appropriate rules.

Effective Date: 08-19-1976 .