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1509.01. Division of oil and gas resources management - oil and gas definitions.

1509.02. Division of oil and gas resources management - chief - oil and gas well fund.

1509.021. Surface locations of new wells.

1509.022. Location of wells using directional drilling.

1509.03. Administrative rules.

1509.04. Enforcement - injunction against violation.

1509.041. Database listing final nonappealable orders issued for violations to be accessible to public.

1509.05. Permit required to drill, reopen, convert or plug back well.

1509.051. Amended and Renumbered RC 6111.043.

1509.06. Application for permit to drill, reopen, convert, or plug back a well.

1509.061. Request to revise existing tract upon which exists producing or idle well.

1509.062. Temporary inactive well status.

1509.07. Liability insurance coverage.

1509.071. Forfeiting bond.

1509.072. Duty to restore disturbed land surface.