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109.572. Criminal records check.

119.062. Revocation or suspension of driver's license.

120.08. Indigent defense support fund.

1503.29. Forest officers.

153.03. Contracts to require drug-free workplace program.

1541.10. Park officers.

1547.11. Operation, control, or manipulation under influence of alcohol or drug.

1547.99. Penalty.

1702.80. Qualified nonprofit corporation may establish police department.

1713.50. Private college or university may establish campus police department.

1901.024. Costs, fees, receipts of county municipal courts.

1901.31. Clerk of court.

1905.01. Jurisdiction in ordinance cases and traffic violations.

1905.03. Rules prescribing educational standards for mayor wishing to exercise OVI jurisdiction -continuing education.

1905.05. Mayor's court magistrate.