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117.53. Audit statement regarding adoption of anti-harassment policy.

1349.53. Civil action for noncompliance with security freeze.

2745.01. Liability of employer for intentional tort - intent to injure required - exceptions.

2746.02. Court fees and costs in all courts of record; criminal actions.

2917.21. Telecommunications harassment.

2919.231. Interfering with action to issue or modify support order.

2919.27. Violating protection order.

2921.38. Harassment by inmate.

3111.19. Interfering with establishment of paternity.

3301.22. Model harassment prevention policy.

3313.666. District policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying required.

3313.667. District bullying prevention initiatives.

3319.073. In-service training in child abuse prevention programs, school safety and violence prevention, and training on the board's harassment, intimidation, or bullying policy.

3501.90. Civil action by elector for harassment.

3503.23. Precinct official registration list.