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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

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"hazardous material" and railroad
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Section 4951.34 | Construction of elevated and underground railroads and railways.

..., or any part thereof, may grant to any railroad company, street railway company, suburban railroad company, or interurban railroad company the right to construct, maintain, and operate by electricity, any elevated railroad along and over such public road, street, alley, way, or ground, except a public landing, or across them subject to existing laws concerning crossings, so far as they are applicable, and to erect a...

Section 4951.35 | Elevated and subway structures must not obstruct travel or impair streets. and crossings. Tunnels for elevated railroads, or subways for underground railroads shall be constructed as not to impair the stability of the roads, streets, alleys, or public grounds, or prevent the use of any sewers, street railway tracks and appliances, pipes, wires, and conduits used for any purpose in the streets, alleys, ways, or grounds except temporarily when necessary in the construction of the tunnels ...

Section 4951.36 | Changes and removals.

...ny operating an elevated or underground railroad the right to move, change, elevate, depress, relocate, and reconstruct at its sole expense any sewer, sewer connection, catch basin, water pipe, water connection, natural or artificial gas pipes or connections, hydrants, conduits, pipes, wires, street railway tracks and appliances, poles, whether for street railway, electric lighting, heating, power, telegraph, telepho...

Section 4951.37 | Grant of rights and privileges valid.

...Any ordinance of any city purporting to grant any rights or privileges contained in sections 4951.35 to 4951.38, inclusive, of the Revised Code, to any company, which grant has been accepted and on account of it money has been expended in good faith, is as valid and effective as if the power in said city to so grant such rights and privileges had been expressly granted to the city.

Section 4951.38 | Right to lease space in tunnel or subway.

...ny operating an elevated or underground railroad to lease space in its tunnel or subway for the purpose of placing pipes, conduits, tubes, and wires for artificial or natural gas, water, sewer, heating, telegraph, telephone, signal service, United States mail, or electricity for light, heat, and power purposes, to any company which has been authorized by the city to engage in, and which company is actually engaged in...

Section 4951.39 | Conditions of grant.

...construct an elevated or an underground railroad shall only be made upon such conditions as are agreed upon by the legislative authority of the city, and the company operating such elevated or underground railroad. Every such grant shall provide for the rate of fare within the limits of such city.

Section 4951.40 | Appropriation of property for elevated or underground railroad.

...y operating the elevated or underground railroad may appropriate private property necessary for the use and enjoyment of the grant, including terminals and way stations, for the purpose of constructing and operating its railroad in the manner and upon the terms provided for in sections 163.01 to 163.22, inclusive, of the Revised Code.

Section 4951.41 | Damages to other property.

...rack upon or a tunnel or an underground railroad below the roads, streets, alleys, ways, or grounds of a city is responsible for injuries done by such construction to private or public property lying upon or near such streets, alleys, ways, or grounds, which may be recovered by civil action brought by the owner before the proper court at any time within two years from the completion of the tracks or railroad.

Section 4951.42 | Purchase of railroad by city.

...y operating the elevated or underground railroad, for the ultimate purchase and ownership by the city of such railroad or any part of it.

Section 4951.43 | Acceptance or rejection of grant.

...Every railroad, street railway, suburban railroad, or interurban railroad company to whom a grant has been made as provided in sections 4951.34, 4951.35, and 4951.39 to 4951.42 of the Revised Code, shall notify in writing the authorities making the grant of its rejection or acceptance of the grant at a time fixed by such authorities at the time of making the grant. If, after a grant has been made and accepted by any ...

Section 4951.44 | Submission of grant to electors.

...acks, the ballots shall read "Elevated Railroad Grant--Yes", "Elevated Railroad Grant--No". If the grant is for the construction of underground tracks, the ballots shall read "Underground Railroad Grant--Yes", "Underground Railroad Grant--No". If the grant is for the construction of partly elevated and partly underground tracks, the ballots shall read "Elevated and Underground Railroad Grant--Yes", "Elevated a...

Section 4951.45 | Electric railways or interurban railroads operating cars along third rail required to maintain fences.

...lectric or street railway or interurban railroad which operates its cars by electricity conducted through or along a third rail shall construct, or cause to be constructed, and maintain in good repair on each side of its right of way through which such third rail extends, a fence sufficient to turn stock. Such company or person shall cause to be maintained at every point where any public road, street, lane, or highwa...

Section 4951.46 | Abutting owner may construct and maintain fence.

...ost of such fence from the owner of the railroad or railway in any court of competent jurisdiction.

Section 4951.47 | Injury to domestic animal prima-facie evidence.

...lectric or street railway or interurban railroad, either by coming in contact with a moving car, or by reason of the electricity contained in or passing through a third rail of such railroad or railway, such injury or death is prima-facie evidence that the person or company operating said railroad or railway has failed to comply with the requirements of sections 4951.45 to 4951.47, inclusive, of the Revised Code.

Section 4951.48 | Watchmen.

...When street railways are operated by electricity, cable, compressed air, or other motive power in a municipal corporation, the legislative authority of such municipal corporation, by ordinance, may require the owners or operators of such railways to place watchmen at street crossings, intersections, or corners which such legislative authority deems dangerous. The legislative authority may provide for the enforcement...

Section 4951.49 | Repairs at crossings - stopping of cars at crossings.

...When the tracks of two street railways cross each other or in any way connect at a common grade, the crossings shall be made and kept in repair at the joint expense of the companies owning the tracks. All cars used on such railways must come to a full stop, not nearer than ten feet nor further than fifty feet from the crossing, and not cross until the way is clear. When two or more cars approach the crossing at the s...

Section 4951.50 | Full stop when approaching railroad crossing.

... a street railway cross the tracks of a railroad at grade, the company operating the line of streetcars shall cause its cars to stop not nearer than ten nor farther than fifty feet from the crossing, and before they start to cross the railroad tracks. Such company shall cause a person in its employ to go ahead of the cars and see that the way is clear for the passage of such cars and free from danger. Such street rai...

Section 4951.51 | Failure to stop - forfeiture.

...aled so to do, causes them to cross the railroad tracks, is personally liable to a person injured by reason of such failure to a penalty of one hundred dollars, to be recovered by civil action at the suit of the state, in the court of common pleas of a county in which such crossing or connection is. The company in whose employ such person is, as well as the person himself, is liable in damages to any person so injure...

Section 4951.52 | Air brakes required on suburban and interurban cars.

... controlling any suburban or interurban railroad or street railway shall operate, use, or run, or permit to be run, used, or operated, for carrying passengers or freight on such suburban or interurban railroad or street railway, any car propelled by electricity, or any car or train of cars drawn by any car propelled by electricity, not equipped, in addition to the hand brake in such car or train, with an air or elect...

Section 4951.53 | Center aisle required in street railway or interurban cars.

...No street railway or interurban railroad company in this state, or its president, general manager, general superintendent, or other officer in charge of operation, shall permit or cause to be operated in this state any car for the carriage of passengers, or upon which passengers are carried, which does not have, parallel with the tracks upon which such car is being operated, a center aisle running the length of the c...

Section 4951.54 | Free transportation of police and firemen.

...Upon the granting of franchises to traction companies or motor or bus transportation companies throughout this state for the use of streets, roads, and highways for the transportation of passengers, it must be provided, as one of the considerations for such use of the public highways, that such traction companies or motor or bus transportation companies shall carry free as passengers on all regular cars and busses, p...

Section 4951.55 | Operation of cars without water closet and drinking water.

...Every person or company engaged in the operating of interurban cars for a greater distance than ten miles between the corporate limits of municipal corporations shall place and maintain within such cars, so run or operated, a water closet or dry hopper closet, properly and sanitarily constructed, and suitable drinking water for the use of the passengers of such cars. The public utilities commission shall enforce this...

Section 4951.56 | Screen for protection of motormen and conductors - temperatures.

...No officer, agent, or employee in authority of a corporation, individual, or association shall direct or permit to be operated an electric car other than a trail car, whether such electric car is a passenger car, a freight car, a sweeper, or other car, unprovided at the forward end with a screen of glass or other material sufficient to completely protect from dust, wind, and storm the motorman or other person station...

Section 4951.99 | Penalty.

...(A) Whoever violates section 4951.53 of the Revised Code shall be fined fifty dollars and imprisoned for not less than ten nor more than thirty days. (B) Whoever violates section 4951.56 of the Revised Code shall be fined not less than twenty-five nor more than one hundred dollars.

Section 4961.01 | Tracks maintained and operated by railroads.

...Any railroad company may maintain and operate, or construct, maintain, and operate, a railroad, with such main tracks, sidetracks, turnouts, offices, depots, roundhouses, machine shops, water tanks, telegraph lines, and other necessary appliances, as it deems necessary, between the points named in its articles of incorporation, commencing at or within, and extending to or into any municipal corporation or place named...