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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

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Misdemeanor Crimes
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Section 2947.16 | Recognizance of misdemeanant to keep the peace and be of good behavior.

...A person convicted of a misdemeanor may be required by the judge or magistrate to enter into a recognizance, with sufficient surety, in such sum as the judge or magistrate finds proper, to keep the peace and be of good behavior for such time, not exceeding two years, as the court directs. The court may order such person to stand committed until such order is complied with or he is discharged by law, but the court ma...

Section 2947.17 | Breach of condition of any recognizance.

...In case of a breach of the condition of any recognizance given under section 2947.16 of the Revised Code, the same proceedings shall be had as are prescribed in relation to forfeiture of other recognizances.

Section 2947.18 | Misdemeanants sentenced to workhouse., may sentence persons convicted of a misdemeanor, including a violation of a municipal ordinance, to such workhouse.

Section 2947.19 | County offenders maintained in city workhouse.

... terms under which persons convicted of misdemeanors shall be maintained in the city workhouse at the expense of the county. In the case of persons committed to the city workhouse for the violation of a law of this state, whether the commitment is from the court of common pleas, magistrate's court, or other court, the cost of maintaining those persons committed shall be paid out of the general fund of the county, on ...

Section 2947.20 | Health insurance claims of inmates confined in city workhouse.

...(A) For each person who is confined in a city workhouse as provided in section 2947.19 of the Revised Code, the county or the city, as the case may be, may make a determination as to whether the person is covered under a health insurance or health care policy, contract, or plan and, if the person has such coverage, what terms and conditions are imposed by it for the filing and payment of claims. (B) If, pursuant to ...

Section 2947.21 | Warrant for detaining person in workhouse.

...When a person is sentenced to a workhouse by the court of common pleas, the clerk of the court of common pleas shall make and deliver to the sheriff a certified copy of the judgment. The copy shall describe the crime charged and the sentence of the court. The sheriff shall deliver the copy to the officer in charge of the workhouse, and the copy shall be that officer's warrant for detaining the person in custody. In c...

Section 2947.22 | Temporary confinement in county jail of persons sentenced to workhouse.

...A person sentenced to a workhouse may be confined in the jail of the county in which he was convicted, for such period as is necessary to procure the papers and make arrangements to transport him to the workhouse.

Section 2947.23 | Costs and jury fees - community service to pay judgment.

...(A)(1)(a) In all criminal cases, including violations of ordinances, the judge or magistrate shall include in the sentence the costs of prosecution, including any costs under section 2947.231 of the Revised Code, and render a judgment against the defendant for such costs. If the judge or magistrate imposes a community control sanction or other nonresidential sanction, the judge or magistrate, when imposing the ...

Section 2947.231 | Pharmacy board investigative costs included in sentence.

...If a business entity described in division (A)(2) or (3) of section 4729.541 of the Revised Code pleads guilty or no contest to or is found guilty of any criminal offense, the judge or magistrate shall include in the sentence any costs incurred by the state board of pharmacy in an investigation leading to the plea or conviction. Investigative costs include staff salaries, administrative costs, travel expenses, attorn...

Section 2949.01 | Execution of sentence definitions.

...The definition of "magistrate" set forth in section 2931.01 of the Revised Code applies to Chapter 2949. of the Revised Code.

Section 2949.02 | Execution of the sentence or judgment suspended.

...(A) If a person is convicted of any bailable offense, including, but not limited to, a violation of an ordinance of a municipal corporation, in a municipal or county court or in a court of common pleas and if the person gives to the trial judge or magistrate a written notice of the person's intention to file or apply for leave to file an appeal to the court of appeals, the trial judge or magistrate may suspend, subje...

Section 2949.03 | Further suspension of sentence.

...If a judgment of conviction by a court of common pleas, municipal court, or county court is affirmed by a court of appeals and remanded to the trial court for execution of the sentence or judgment imposed, and the person so convicted gives notice of his intention to file a notice of appeal to the supreme court, the trial court, on the filing of a motion by such person within three days after the rendition by the cour...

Section 2949.04 | Reduction or increase in bail.

...When bail is fixed pursuant to division (B) of section 2953.03 or section 2949.02 or 2953.09 of the Revised Code in connection with an appeal, a reduction or increase in the amount of that bail or other change in that bail shall not be required of the accused during the pendency of the appeal unless the trial judge or magistrate, or the court in which the appeal is being prosecuted, finds that there is good cause to ...

Section 2949.05 | Execution of sentence or judgment.

...If no appeal is filed, if leave to file an appeal or certification of a case is denied, if the judgment of the trial court is affirmed on appeal, or if post-conviction relief under section 2953.21 of the Revised Code is denied, the trial court or magistrate shall carry into execution the sentence or judgment which had been pronounced against the defendant.

Section 2949.06 | Escape after sentence - resentencing.

...If a person escapes after sentence and before confinement in a state correctional institution or jail, the clerk of the trial court, upon application of the prosecuting attorney or by order of the court, shall issue a warrant stating the conviction and sentence and commanding the sheriff to pursue the person into any county of this state. The sheriff shall take into custody the person so escaping and shall make retur...

Section 2949.07 | No credit for time absent due to escape.

...If a convict escapes from a state correctional institution, the time the convict is absent from the institution because of his escape shall not be credited as a part of the time for which he was sentenced.

Section 2949.08 | Custody upon conviction - reduction of sentence for days served.

...ed of or pleads guilty to a felony or a misdemeanor is sentenced to a term of imprisonment in a jail, the judge or magistrate shall order the person into the custody of the sheriff or constable, and the sheriff or constable shall deliver the person with the record of the person's conviction to the jailer, administrator, or keeper, in whose custody the person shall remain until the term of imprisonment expires o...

Section 2949.09 | Execution for fine and costs of prosecution.

...When a judge or magistrate renders judgment for a fine, an execution may issue for such judgment and costs of prosecution, to be levied on the property, or in default thereof, upon the body of the defendant for nonpayment of the fine. The officer holding such writ may arrest such defendant in any county and commit him to the jail of the county in which such writ issued, until such fine is paid or secured to be paid o...

Section 2949.091 | Additional court costs - additional bail.

...(ii) Twenty dollars if the offense is a misdemeanor other than a traffic offense that is not a moving violation; (iii) Ten dollars if the offense is a traffic offense that is not a moving violation, excluding parking violations. (b) All moneys collected pursuant to division (A)(1)(a) of this section during a month shall be transmitted on or before the twentieth day of the following month by the clerk of the cou...

Section 2949.092 | No waiver of specified additional court costs.

...If a person is convicted of or pleads guilty to an offense and the court specifically is required, pursuant to section 2743.70, 2949.091, 2949.093, or 2949.094 of the Revised Code or pursuant to any other section of the Revised Code to impose a specified sum of money as costs in the case in addition to any other costs that the court is required or permitted by law to impose in the case, the court shall not waive...

Section 2949.093 | Participation in criminal justice regional information system.

...(A) A board of county commissioners of any county containing fifty-five or more law enforcement agencies by resolution may elect to participate in a criminal justice regional information system, either by creating and maintaining a new criminal justice regional information system or by participating in an existing criminal justice regional information system. (B) A county is not eligible to participate in any crimi...

Section 2949.094 | Additional court costs for moving violation - disposition.

...(A) The court in which any person is convicted of or pleads guilty to any moving violation shall impose an additional court cost of ten dollars upon the offender. The court shall not waive the payment of the ten dollars unless the court determines that the offender is indigent and waives the payment of all court costs imposed upon the indigent offender. The clerk of the court shall t...

Section 2949.10 | Execution for fine to issue to other county.

...An execution under section 2949.09 of the Revised Code may issue to the sheriff of any county in which the defendant resides, is found, or has property, and the sheriff shall execute the writ. If the defendant is taken, the sheriff shall commit him to the jail of the county in which the writ issued and deliver a certified copy of the writ to the sheriff of such county, who shall detain the offender until he is discha...

Section 2949.11 | Fines paid into county treasury to credit of county general fund.

...Unless otherwise required in the Revised Code, an officer who collects a fine shall pay it into the treasury of the county in which such fine was assessed, within twenty days after the receipt of the fine, to the credit of the county general fund. The county treasurer shall issue duplicate receipts for the fine, and the officer making the collection shall deposit one of these receipts with the county auditor.

Section 2949.111 | Assigning payment toward satisfaction of costs, restitution, fine, or supervision fees.

...ents, if a person who is charged with a misdemeanor is convicted of or pleads guilty to the offense, if the court orders the offender to pay any combination of court costs, state fines or costs, restitution, a conventional fine, or any reimbursement, and if the offender makes any payment of any of them to a clerk of court, the clerk shall assign the offender's payment in the following manner: (1) I...