3737.82 Adopting state fire code rules.

The fire marshal shall adopt a state fire code which shall consist of rules relating to all aspects of fire safety. The rules shall be the minimum standards for safeguarding life and property from fire and explosion, and the fire marshal may, in adopting these rules, incorporate by reference existing published standards as well as amendments thereto subsequently published by the same authority. The fire code shall include, but not be limited to, rules relating to the movable contents of any building, or class of buildings, the transportation, storage, location, and use of flammable or explosive materials, the procedures to be employed by persons in the event of fire, the installation and location of fire protection equipment, and other similar matters. The fire code may contain rules applicable to particular classes of existing buildings or structures as the use and occupancy of such buildings or structures suggest are necessary. The fire marshal may amend, modify, or repeal any rule of the state fire code.

Effective Date: 09-17-1986.