3701-83-23.2 Personnel and staffing requirements.

(A) Each dialysis center shall maintain the following:

(1) Copies of current Ohio licenses, registrations and certifications shall be kept in the employee's personnel files or the provider of the dialysis center shall have an established system to verify and document the possession of current Ohio licenses, registrations or other certifications required by law. Licenses of nurses shall be copied in accordance with paragraph (E) of rule 4723-7-07 of the Administrative Code; and

(2) Staffing schedules, time-worked schedules, on-call schedules, and payroll records for at least two years.

(3) Documentation that the facility has offered the hepatitis B vaccination to staff members.

(B) Each dialysis center shall provide an ongoing training program for its personnel. The program shall provide orientation, initial training, and continuing training to all staff members. The orientation and initial training shall be conducted within thirty days of hire and shall be appropriate to the tasks that each staff member will be expected to perform. The initial training shall include instruction in the infection control, equipment, and dialysate policies and procedures required by rules 3701-83-23.1 and 3701-83-23.4 of the Administrative Code. Continuing training shall be designed to assure appropriate skill levels are maintained and that staff are informed of changes in techniques, mission, goals, policies and procedures including those related to infection control and blood-borne pathogens, and similar matters. The continuing training may include attending and participating in professional meetings and seminars.

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