Lawriter - OAC - 5139-35-20 Evaluation and data collection.

5139-35-20 Evaluation and data collection.

(A) A CRC shall have written policies, procedures and practices to ensure the following:

(1) All juveniles that receive program services must be entered into a management information system authorized by the department of youth services (DYS).

(2) Intake/termination forms shall be completed and entered into the management information system (MIS) within fourteen days unless a written waiver is granted from the bureau of community based programs.

(3) Case file information will be accurate when compared by DYS management information system.

(4) Each program shall designate a staff position or person for data entry and/or coordination.

(B) The facility or parent agency collaborates with juvenile justice and service agencies in information gathering, exchange, and standardization.

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