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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Chapter 109:2-4 | Outside Employment Policy

Rule 109:2-4-01 | Outside employment policy.

(A) Policy.

(1) No employee shall offer instruction in a course in which the content or subject matter is the same or similar to a course offered by the academy, and which course is offered to persons eligible to attend academy courses.

(2) Any work or planning related to outside work during normal hours or on state property or which entails the use of state telephones, supplies, or equipment is prohibited.

(B) Purpose.

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for employees considering work outside the scope of their employment by the council or academy. This policy is intended to assist the employee in making decisions concerning outside employment and to help employees avoid potential conflicts of interest.

(C) Scope.

This policy applies to all council/academy employees.

(D) Procedures.

(1) Any employee who desires to offer instruction in a program other than a council program must apply to the chief of advanced training or, in his absence, the assistant executive director for a determination as to whether there is a conflict with academy programs. The information necessary for this determination must be submitted in written form and must include: the sponsor of the course, the time, place and duration of the course, the subject matter and content of the course, the estimated number and composition of enrollees and an estimate of the number of hours required for course preparation, instruction and administration.

(2) The chief of advanced training or, in his absence, the assistant executive director will provide a written response to the employee within five working days. If permission to participate in the course is denied the reasons for such denial will be provided.

(3) An employee that engages in outside instruction without prior approval will be subject to appropriate administrative action. A violation of this policy may be grounds for suspension or removal.

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