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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Chapter 3358:17-60 | Independent Study

Rule 3358:17-60-03 | Independent study.

Independent study will only be offered with the approval of the academic dean of the division or the department chair in which the course originates. This approval will be given when there is no other feasible method whereby a student can obtain the knowledge within the regular college calendar.

(A) Independent study credit can only be granted and computed into the grade point average when the course has been completed according to a written agreement between the student and the instructor with the approval of the appropriate academic dean or department chair.

(B) The instructor of each student taking an independent study course is to be responsible for all activities relating to assignments, evaluations, curriculum and supervision of the student.

(C) The curriculum content of all independent study agreements must be equal to the curriculum content offered in the regular credit program. Assessment of learning must be comparable to the evaluation system and grading used in regular credit programs.

(D) Faculty members carrying the regular full-time academic teaching load will not be required to accept independent study students except on a voluntary basis.

(E) Generally, approval for independent study will be granted only in a semester in which the course is not offered.

(F) The request for independent study form must be completed before consideration of a request for independent study. This form is available from the offices of the academic deans.

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