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Chapter 3361:20-43 | Payroll

Rule 3361:20-43-11 | Payroll: definition of academic year.

Except in the medical center where appointments are made on a twelve-month basis and some colleges where some faculty members are appointed in alternate years on a three-quarter teaching basis and receive a "Base Salary" which is earned over thirty-two weeks of the three regular academic quarters.

(A) Academic year: for the Clifton campus, the university has defined the basic academic year as three academic quarters containing a total of thirty-two weeks devoted to registration, instruction and examinations, etc. An exception to this is the academic year of the college of law which is composed of two semesters, containing a total of thirty-four weeks.

(B) Faculty compensation: from the standpoint of payment of salaries on grants and contracts the basic compensation of faculty members employed for a three quarter academic year is considered as earned during the thirty-two weeks mentioned above, even though it is paid in ten or twelve monthly installments. With few exceptions, such as evening college teaching, extra compensation may not be earned through the university during those periods in which the faculty member has full-time obligations to the university, i.e., during the thirty-two weeks of the basic academic year. In fact, governmental regulations prohibit the payment of extra compensation from federal funds to faculty members during this period.

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Authorized By: 3361
Amplifies: 3361
Prior Effective Dates: 3/16/1978