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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Chapter 3701-10 | Breast and Cervical Cancer Project Cost Sharing

Rule 3701-10-01 | Breast and Cervical Cancer Project Cost Sharing.

Women covered by health insurance must meet all applicable eligibility requirements outlined in section 3701.144 of the Revised Code.

(A) Any woman eligible for BCCP services who is covered by health insurance that imposes cost sharing, as defined in section 3923.85 of the Revised Code, of more than zero dollars for services covered by the BCCP program will be eligible for services.

(B) The BCCP-eligible woman must provide documentation of cost sharing which may include the following:

(1) An active insurance card specifying cost sharing limits such as copayments

(2) Documentation regarding health benefits specifying cost sharing which exceeds the amount set forth in paragraph (A) of this rule.

(C) The BCCP-eligible women must receive services scheduled by the regional enrollment agency through a provider who meets the following requirements:

(1) The provider is enrolled in Ohio BCCP as a BCCP provider: and

(2) The provider will accept reimbursement from her health insurance plan.

(D) Once the provider receives reimbursement or an explanation of benefits indicating that a portion or all of the claim will not be paid due to cost sharing, the provider may bill BCCP for the balance, up to the medicare allowable amount. Total reimbursement to the provider may not exceed the medicare allowable rate. Claims will be paid to providers according to the following guidelines:

(1) The womans insurance plan must be billed for services before BCCP is billed.

(2) The provider or the woman will provide an explanation of benefits from the womans insurance plan to the regional enrollment agency which documents the amount paid by the womans health insurance plan.

(3) The provider may bill BCCP for an amount up to the difference between the amount paid by the womans insurance plan and the medicare allowed rate.

(4) The provider bill will be reviewed by the regional enrollment agency and paid in accordance with the customary process for BCCP medical claims.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3701.144
Amplifies: 3701.144
Five Year Review Date: 10/25/2024