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Chapter 4733-13 | Registration by Endorsement, Reciprocity, or Temporary Certification

Rule 4733-13-01 | Comity and temporary registration.

(A) Every state requires registration for engineers and surveyors who engage in professional practice within its borders. A person who desires to accept employment in another state should know how to continue practicing there in a legal manner.

(B) The national council of examiners for engineering and surveying has endeavored for many years to develop a plan for registration by comity, but every state must measure the qualifications of each individual to whom it grants a professional license. The board will grant registration to a licensee of another state when the applicant has met the standards equal to those specified in the law of this state at the time his certificate of registration was received. However, the person applying for registration as a professional surveyor by comity in Ohio, shall be required to pass the final Ohio state-specific professional surveying examination, devoted to the laws and practices peculiar to the state of Ohio.

(C) The board cannot guarantee that an Ohio registrant will be granted a license elsewhere merely because of registration in this state.

(D) An Ohio registrant desiring registration in another state should contact the board of the state in which the registrant is interested for an application and instructions. The board will be contacted by the other state board relative to the applicants record, and will furnish the information promptly.

(E) Division (A) of section 4733.18 of the Revised Code permits a registered engineer or surveyor of another state to practice temporarily in Ohio until permanent registration is granted. It is conditioned on the provisions that such person is legally qualified by registration to practice the said profession in the applicants own state or U.S. territory and that the qualifications under which said applicant obtained registration in said state meet the requirements of section 4733.11 and section 4733.19 of the Revised Code, which are prerequisite for becoming registered in Ohio by all applicants.

(F) In order to enable the board to ascertain if a person requesting temporary registration is qualified, it shall be necessary to file with the board an application for a temporary permit along with an affidavit showing the state or states or U.S. territory in which the applicant is registered and the qualifications by which the applicant obtained such registration.

(G) If the request for a temporary registration is made under the provisions of section 4733.18 of the Revised Code, an application for permanent Ohio registration shall accompany such request.

(H) If, after examination of said request for a temporary permit and verification of the pertinent information, it is found that the applicant meets the requirements as set forth in this rule, the executive director of the board is authorized to issue and sign the requested permit. The applicant may then legally practice in this state under the terms and conditions set forth in said permit.

Last updated July 27, 2022 at 5:38 PM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 4733.07
Amplifies: 4733.19
Five Year Review Date: 7/27/2022
Prior Effective Dates: 12/1/1968, 6/1/1977, 7/1/1982, 4/15/1985, 10/22/1990, 11/23/1991, 4/30/1993, 11/1/2003, 11/24/2008, 8/1/2014