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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 123:1-76-05 | Collection and handling of specimens.


(A) The individual to be tested shall be instructed to report to the collection site as soon as possible after the testing order is given, but no later than thirty-two hours, or as required by federal law.

(B) The collection site person shall request the individual to present photo identification or other confirming identification. If identity cannot be established, the collection site person shall not proceed with the collection.

(C) The individual shall be asked to remove any garments which might conceal substances/items which could be used to tamper with or adulterate the urine specimen.

(D) The individual shall be instructed to wash and dry his/her hands prior to urination and shall not have access to any water or other materials which could adulterate the urine specimen.

(E) The individual shall provide the specimen in the privacy of a stall or a partitioned area that allows for individual privacy.

(F) The collection site person shall receive the specimen , measure its temperature and color and visually inspect for contaminants.

(G) The specimen shall be sealed and labeled in the presence of both the individual and the collection site person. The labels shall contain the date, the individual's specimen number and any other identifying information provided or required by the department of administrative services.

(H) The individual tested shall initial the I.D. label on the specimen certifying that it is the specimen collected from him/her.

(I) The collection site person shall enter into the record book all information identifying the specimen and shall sign the book.

(J) The individual tested shall sign the statement in the record book certifying that the specimen is, in fact, the specimen he/she provided.

(K) The collection site person shall complete the chain of custody form and ship the specimen to the testing laboratory in a sealed, secure container.

(L) The laboratory shall use the chain of custody procedures to maintain control and accountability of all specimens from receipt through completion of testing. The date and purpose shall be documented on an appropriate chain of custody form each time a specimen is handled and transferred.

(M) Laboratory personnel shall inspect each specimen package for evidence of tampering, etc.

(N) Specimens shall be tested by grouping them into batches, with each batch containing an appropriate number of standards for calibrating the instrumentation and a minimum of ten percent controls or as stipulated by federal department of health and human services regulations and guidelines.

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Prior Effective Dates: 6/19/1992