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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 128-3-01 | Rules for submission of memorial proposals to board.


(A) All submissions for memorial proposals to the board shall be in writing and shall include the following:

(1) Three sets of plans, drawings or diagrams of the proposal that the board can readily review and understand. All such submissions shall be done by an architect and shall be drawn to scale;

(2) An estimate of the costs of the proposal and its maintenance, and the source of funding for these costs;

(3) A statement justifying how and why the proposal is consistent with the current setting of the statehouse buildings and grounds, or how the proposal fits an overall scheme, theme or philosophy governing the use of the statehouse buildings and grounds; and

(4) A timeline that would show the beginning and end of the construction proposal and the firm(s) or individual(s) completing the actual site work, in addition to the accommodations or considerations they would need. The board will have final approval of the construction firm.

(B) Criteria and procedures for submission to the board.

(1) The memorial group must have all construction money, plus twenty percent of the repair and maintenance cost for the memorial.

(2) No sponsorship can appear on commemorative plaques or memorials.

(3) The memorials may be either:

(a) A memorial that commemorates a war or similar major military conflict or any branch of the armed forces; or

(b) A work that commemorates an individual or group of individuals after twenty-five years have elapsed since the death of the individual or last surviving group member.

(4) The memorial or commemorative work must commemorate a subject of lasting historical significance.

(5) In determining the suitability of a memorial submission the board shall strive to maintain a dignified setting for the Ohio capitol buildings and grounds; to provide a dignified setting for the business of the government of the state of Ohio; to encourage and to promote interest in government activities or Ohio history; to ensure that the buildings and grounds remain aesthetically pleasing and are consistent with the overall historical significance of the capitol buildings; and to ensure that no significant security or maintenance problems or excessive expense is incurred.

(C) The board may request additional information and may request further review by CSRAB or outside professional experts. The board may also seek public input on a submission.

(D) To be approved, a submission for a memorial requires that a quorum as defined in rule 128-1-02 of the Administrative Code of the board be present and that a majority of affirmative votes be cast in favor of the submission. Any submission that fails to receive a majority of affirmative votes may be reconsidered by the board one additional time unless substantially changed or amended. In that instance, the board may treat the revised submission as a new submission and proceed accordingly.

(E) The chair shall provide copies of all memorial submissions to all board members.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 105.41
Amplifies: 105.41
Five Year Review Date: 10/13/2024
Prior Effective Dates: 7/22/1989, 9/27/1990 (Emer.), 10/29/1993, 8/2/1997, 11/15/2006, 12/22/2008, 12/11/2010