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Rule 1509-1-11 | Appeals to the commission.


(A) All appeals from orders of the chief of the division to the commission shall be made by filing written notice to such effect with the commission within thirty days after the date upon which the order recipient received notice of the making of the order complained of or, for all other persons adversely affected by an order of the chief of the division, within thirty days after the date of the chief's issuance of the order complained of.

(B) A copy of the notice of appeal shall be filed with the chief of the division within three days of the filing of such notice with the commission.

(C) An appeal must be made in writing.

(D) A notice of appeal must state clearly the order appealed from, the relief sought, a brief statement of the facts involved in the appeal, and the grounds which are the basis for the requested review.

(E) A copy of the order being appealed from should be included with, or appended to, the notice of appeal.

(F) All notices of appeal filed with the commission must contain the address of the appellant, and the name and address of the attorney representing the appellant, if any.

(G) All notices of appeal shall be signed by the appellant or by the appellant's attorney, and the signature thereon shall constitute a certificate that, to the best of the appellant's knowledge, the information contained in the notice of appeal is true.

(H) A notice of appeal may be amended without leave of the commission during the time allowed for original filing, or a notice of appeal may be amended by leave of the commission at any time after the time allowed for original filing. Amendment of a notice of appeal may not be employed to cure jurisdictional defects in the filing of the notice of appeal, unless the amendment is filed within the time allowed for original filing of a notice of appeal.

(I) Failure to comply with the provisions of section 1509.36 of the Revised Code governing the filing of appeals with the commission shall be sufficient basis for dismissing an appeal.

Last updated January 24, 2022 at 8:34 AM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 1509.35
Amplifies: 1509.36
Five Year Review Date: 5/31/2023
Prior Effective Dates: 6/6/1966, 5/31/1998, 6/15/2003, 9/30/2008, 6/20/2013