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Rule 3301-102-05 | Monitoring and reporting requirements for all sponsors.


(A) In addition to a sponsor's responsibilities under the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code, the monitoring and reporting duties and responsibilities of all community school sponsors include the following:

(1) Notify the department within three business days of a sponsor's determination to declare a community school to be on probationary status, to suspend the operation of the community school, or to terminate the community school contract. Within ten business days of notification to the department , the sponsor shall provide additional information specifying the nature of the problem and a proposed plan for resolution.

(2) Specific to the reporting requirements within section 3314.025 of the Revised Code, sponsors shall report all expenditures using the auditor of states uniform school account system (or successor system). The department shall make available technical assistance on the specific codes to utilize for reporting;

(3) Have in place a written plan of action to be undertaken in the event that the sponsor sends written notification of intent to suspend the community school or if the community school experiences financial difficulties or closes prior to the end of a school year, consistent with requirements of division (E) of section 3314.015 of the Revised Code including the handling of facilities, equipment, materials, supplies, employees, students, school records, which include student records that are consistent with section 3314.44 of the Revised Code, and address any other obligations of the community school and submit the written plan to the department upon request.

(B) A sponsor shall submit a copy of each preliminary agreement, community school contract adoption resolution, executed community school contract, and any amendments thereto, in accordance with the procedure established by the department. Any such agreements, contracts, or amendments shall be submitted to the department within ten business days of execution.

(C) Sponsors shall respond in a timely manner to reasonable requests from the department for information, data, and documents.

Last updated November 16, 2022 at 11:24 AM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: R.C. 3301.07, 3314.015, 3314.08
Amplifies: R.C. 3314.015, 3314.032
Five Year Review Date: 7/28/2027
Prior Effective Dates: 7/7/2003, 5/19/2006, 4/19/2008, 7/24/2010, 6/27/2013