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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3301-37-07 | Policies and procedures.


(A) The program shall be guided by written policies of the board of education or governing body which are consistent with applicable statutory requirements contained in the Revised Code and rules adopted by the state board of education.

(B) Once a preschool program has been established by the board of education or governing body, the program is to develop polices and procedures for the operation of the program. Policies and procedures of the preschool program shall be in accordance with policies and procedures established and approved by the governing body or board of education.

(C) Each school district, educational service center, board of developmental disabilities, community school or eligible nonpublic school that operates a program shall assign responsibilities for implementing policies and procedures.

(D) Policies shall be appropriate for children enrolled in the program shall at a minimum include, but not be limited to the following:

(1) Staff, which at a minimum meets the requirements of rule 3301-37-04 of the Administrative Code; and

(a) Address staff awareness of each enrolled child's cumulative and health records required in rule 3301-37-08 of the Administrative Code; and

(b) Include procedures for checking references of potential employees.

(2) Cumulative records which at a minimum meets the requirements of rule 3301-37-08 of the Administrative Code;

(3) Developmentally appropriate program planning which at a minimum meets the requirements of rule 3301-37-03 of the Administrative Code; and

(a) Addresses developmentally appropriate materials and equipment;

(b) Addresses selection and use of developmentally appropriate materials, equipment, and resources that meet the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs of the preschool child.

(4) Health and safety procedures, in accordance with section 3301.56 of the Revised Code and, the following:

(a) Ensuring that the health and safety of the children are safeguarded by an organized program of school health services designed to identify child health problems and to coordinate school and community health resources for children, as evidenced by but not limited to:

(i) Requiring immunization records and compliance with emergency medical authorization requirements in accordance with rules adopted by the state board of education under section 3301.53 of the Revised Code;

(ii) Providing and posting procedures for emergency situations, including fire drills, rapid dismissals, and tornado drills in accordance with section 3737.73 of the Revised Code, and keeping records of such drills or dismissals;

(iii) Posting medical and dental emergency procedures in each preschool room and by each telephone and making such available to school personnel, children, and parents;

(iv) Posting emergency numbers by each telephone;

(v) Supervising grounds, play areas, and other facilities when scheduled for use by children; and

(vi) Procedures for providing written notification to parents on the day of the injury/incident, when a child is injured or a serious health/safety incident occurs and maintaining a log of all injury/incident reports.

(b) Providing first-aid facilities and materials.

(c) Fluoride supplements to be administered in accordance with section 3701.136 of the Revised Code.

(d) Prior to administering a prescription or nonprescription medication, food supplement, or medical food, the program shall ensure that:

(i) The written instructions of a licensed physician or licensed dentist as appropriate are on file.

(ii) Each time medication, medical food, or a food supplement is administered, a written record or log including dosage, date, and time shall be made. That record or log shall be kept on file for one year.

(iii) Only employees who are health professionals or who have completed a drug administration training may administer medication pursuant to section 3313.713 of the Revised Code.

(iv) Medication shall be stored in a designated locked storage place, except drugs requiring refrigeration shall be kept in a refrigerator not accessible to children. Emergency medication may be kept in an unlocked storage place as long as it is out of reach of children.

(v) Parent permission is needed for the application of topical products and lotions and is to be applied according to the manufacturers instructions.

(e) All preschool staff members shall wash their hands with soap and running water after each diaper change, or after assisting a child with toileting; after cleaning; after toileting; before preparing or eating food; before feeding any child; and when hands have been in contact with nasal or mucous secretions. Disposable towels or an air hand dryer shall be available at all times.

(f) Preschool program with swimming and water play activities in bodies of water two or more feet in depth, shall:

(i) Have written permission from the parent or guardian of a child before the child shall be permitted to swim or otherwise participate in water play activities. the written permission shall be signed and dated, and shall include the following:

(a) The child's name;

(b) A statement indicating whether or not the child is a swimmer; and

(c) That the parent or guardian grants permission for the child to participate in water activities.

(ii) The program shall provide enough preschool staff members to meet the requirements of rule 3301-37-04 of the Administrative Code at all times during swimming and water play activities.

(g) Swimming activities at sites other than the preschool program location, shall:

(i) Have preschool staff members shall always accompany and supervise children at swimming sites, including, but not limited to, public or private swimming pools,.

(ii) Swimming sites removed from the program shall be approved and supervised by local authorities.

(iii) Activities in bodies of water eighteen inches in depth shall be supervised by persons who are currently certified as lifeguards or water safety instructors by the American red cross or an equivalent water safety program.

(iv) The program shall provide enough preschool staff members to meet the requirements of rule 3301-37-04 of the Administrative Code at all times during swimming and water play activities.

(5) Admission and attendance which at a minimum meets the requirements of:

(a) Supervising each child's admission, placement, transition, and withdrawal according to established procedures.

(b) Preparing at least once annually for each group of children in the program a roster of the name and telephone number of the child and of the child's parent and, on request, furnishing the roster for each parent.

(c) Preparing a similar roster of all children in the program and, on request, make it available to each parent with a child in the program.

(i) Securing from each parent a signed statement indicating whether such individual desires to be included in rosters prepared in accordance with this paragraph.

(ii) Ensuring that a roster is not furnished to any person other than a parent.

(6) Behavior management/discipline which at a minimum meets the requirements of rule 3301-37-10 of the Administrative Code;

(7) Management of communicable diseases which at a minimum meets the requirements of rule 3301-37-11 of the Administrative Code; and

(a) In each building in which a program is operated there shall be readily available at all times at least one preschool staff member who has completed a course approved by the state department of health (

(i) Age appropriate first aid;

(ii) Prevention, recognition, and management of communicable diseases; and

(iii) Age appropriate CPR.

(b) In each building in which a program is operated, there shall be readily available at all times at least one preschool staff member who has completed a child abuse recognition and prevention course based on an approved curriculum or an approved certification granting entity. The curriculum used in the course may be consistent with requirements as established by section 3319.073 of the Revised Code or appear on the approved curriculum or organization list posted on the department's website.

(c) Diapering, which at a minimum meets the requirements of rule 3301-37-12 of the Administrative Code.

(8) Transportation and field trips.

(9) Infants under twelve months old are to be placed on their backs to sleep unless the parent provides written documentation signed by the childs physician, for an alternative position. Infants who are able to roll from back to front and front to back are to be placed initially on their back for sleeping but allowed to remain in a position they prefer. All preschool programs are to comply with the Ohio department of health safe sleep procedures.

(E) Any parent of a child enrolled in the program shall be permitted unlimited access to the school during its hours of operation to contact his or her child, evaluate the care provided by the program, the premises, or for other purposes approved by the director. Upon entering the premises, the parent shall report to the school office.

(F) A preschool program serving a preschool child with a disability in a public school shall do so in accordance with Chapter 3301-51 of the Administrative Code.

Last updated July 1, 2021 at 10:34 AM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: ORC 3301.07, 3301.53
Amplifies: ORC 3301.52 to 3301.59
Five Year Review Date: 7/1/2026
Prior Effective Dates: 8/5/1988, 5/28/2004, 6/25/2009, 7/3/2014