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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3341-10-01 | The BGSU logo.


(A) Policy statement and purpose

BGSUs logo is the foundational element of the universitys brand identity. This policy is designed to ensure its correct usage to safeguard and provide consistency to the universitys brand.

(B) Policy

(1) The BGSU logo

(a) The BGSU logo is the official identifier and may be used only for purposes that will promote the goals of the university. It must appear on all university communications. The logo is a registered trademark of Bowling Green state university.

(b) The logo must appear in a prominent location on all printed materials. The BGSU logo can be downloaded from the BGSU graphic standards web site. Other logos that represent an individual academic/administrative area should never appear on stationery. This includes office letterheads, news releases, envelopes and business cards. However, individual area marks can be used on materials other than stationery as long as the BGSU logo appears prominently

(2) One-color applications

When using a single color, the BGSU logo should be printed in orange, brown or black.

(3) Two or more color applications

If using the BGSU logo in two colors, only orange and black may be used. The BGSU logo may be reversed to white if appearing on a dark background.

(4) BGSU logo violations

(a) Never typeset or attempt to recreate this logo on your own. It has unique letter spacing and character weights.

(b) When using the BGSU logo in two colors, it should never be used in color combinations other than the BGSU orange, black or white.

(c) It should never be expanded, condensed or altered in any way.

(C) The BGSU logo and other registered university trademarks may be reproduced on a wide range of merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs and pens but is subject to approval by the university's licensing program coordinator. A licensed vendor must be used to supply the product being decorated.

Any merchandise with registered university trademarks, intended for resale above the cost of producing the product, is subject to an eight per cent royalty fee on the wholesale cost of the product and subsequent decoration.

A royalty waiver is available for those projects that are not intended for resale or are sold at the cost of producing the product. For more information contact the licensing program coordinator.

Date: January 1st, 2002

Supplemental Information

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