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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3341-6-03 | Use of amplified sound on university premises.


(A) Policy statement and purpose

The use of certain sound amplification devices on the university premises can disrupt university teaching, learning, and other activities and interfere with public safety and public address systems. This policy is to specify the rules governing the use of amplified sound devices on the university premises.

(B) Policy scope

This policy applies to all persons present on or adjacent to any of the university premises except as otherwise stated in this policy.

(C) Policy

(1) To ensure public safety and the orderly operation of the university, amplified sound devices may be used on the campus premises only in compliance with the rules stated in this policy.

(2) The use of the amplification device requires written approval be obtained in advance from the approving office or a designated representative. The approving offices are as follows:

(a) Bowen-Thompson student union: director of Bowen-Thompson student union or designee.

(b) Union oval, the university hall lawn: director of Bowen-Thompson student union or BTSU event planning.

(c) Residence halls, and adjoining spaces: director of residence life or designee.

(d) Athletic facilities and adjoining spaces (Doyt L. Perry stadium, Cochrane field, Steller field, Meserve field, Stroh center, ice arena, Anderson arena.): director of athletics or designee.

(e) Recreation center/field house/intramural fields and adjoining premises: director of recreation and wellness or designee.

(f) Firelands: dean or designee.

(g) All other campus premises and adjoining spaces: vice president for finance and administration or designee.

(3) Applications shall be made in writing or on a form available from the issuing office. A new application shall be made for each use.

(4) Applications must be submitted not less than five university working days before the date of use being requested.

(5) Sound amplification devices must be entirely portable and no structure for their use may be affixed to university property.

(6) The use of sound amplification devices inside university buildings or athletic venues shall not be permitted.

(7) Outdoor dances and concerts may be held in approved locations only with prior approval of the official with responsibility for the space as designated in paragraphs (C)(2)(a) to (C)(2)(f) of this rule.

(8) Permits will be considered on a first applied/ first approved basis except that university sponsored events shall always have priority without regard for when approval was sought.

(9) Circumstances arising during an approved use of a sound amplification device may warrant public safety, other law enforcement agencies or other university offices to require the relocation of or limitations on the use of sound amplification devices in order to minimize disruption and distraction and the university reserves the right to do so.

(10) Sound amplification devices may not be used to promote commercial messages by entities that are not approved university sponsors.

(11) The written authorization shall specify the date, time, location, duration, manner and any other relevant information for the approved use of sound amplification device. Authorization may be revoked if the use deviates from the terms of the authorization.

(12) The application and permit provisions of this policy shall not apply to sound amplification devices used by university faculty engaged in teaching, university employees engaged in performing university duties, or for sound amplifications systems used at university sanctioned events.

(13) This policy does not apply to law enforcement officers or other safety officials engaged in performing official duties that require the use of amplified sound devices.

(14) The university may authorize the use of sound amplification devices only when the date, time, location, duration, manner and any other factors relevant to the use of sound amplification devices:

(a) will not unreasonably interfere with university academic activities or other operations or functions.

(b) will not unreasonably interfere, distract or hamper public safety.

(15) Responsible officer

The university units listed in paragraphs (C)(2)(a) to (C)(2)(g) of this rule and the Bowling Green state university department of public safety or other law enforcement agencies have principal responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of this policy.

(16) Implementation of policy

Persons determined to be in violation of this policy are subject to immediate action under the university rules applicable to that individual, including but not limited to, student judicial affairs, and employee disciplinary action up to and including removal, dismissal or termination in accordance with applicable law, rule or collective bargaining agreement. Persons determined to be in violation of this policy may also be subject to removal from the campus, declared a trespasser, subject to criminal prosecution or initiation of persona non grata proceedings.

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