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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3341-6-48 | University vehicle use.


(A) Policy statement and purpose

Members of the Bowling Green state university (BGSU) community engage in many activities requiring university-provided transportation. The university is committed to protecting both the vehicles and especially the people involved in these activities. Because of the hazards such transportation activities may involve, the following policy has been adopted by the university. This policy is applicable to anyone driving a university vehicle.

University vehicles include all fleet vehicles owned or leased by the university, as well as any vehicles purchased, leased, or rented by the university and assigned to individual employees or departments for their use.

(B) Policy

(1) Allowable use of university vehicles

(a) University vehicles are to be used by employees, students and approved university affiliates for official business of the university only.

(b) Only properly authorized drivers may drive.

(c) Drivers must be eighteen years of age or older.

(d) Use of a university fleet vehicle, or assigned vehicle, while off-duty or on-call is allowable in certain situations provided there is sound business justification and the use has been authorized in advance by the appropriate divisional vice president.

(e) University-owned or leased vehicles provided to individual employees in the course of their employment may be used for limited personal use. However, monthly driving logs documenting personal miles must be maintained and provided annually (by November thirtieth) to the business office for inclusion as a taxable benefit on the employees W-2 reporting.

(2) Misuse of university vehicles

(a) Driving a university vehicle without proper authorization.

(b) Permitting unauthorized persons to drive.

(c) Driving under a suspended license.

(d) Engaging in unsafe practices while driving, including failure to wear a safety belt, driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, or any practice which is a distraction.

(e) Falsification of mileage statements, maintenance records, accident report forms or other forms relative to use of the vehicle.

(f) Personal use or carrying passengers other than persons directly involved with the university except with the approval of the applicable divisional vice president, or as authorized above.

(g) Failure to comply with any law, regulation, or policy regarding the use of university vehicles, including the requirement to complete a university approved defensive driver training course when necessary.

(h) Known transport of hazardous materials.

(i) Possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle, except by university police.

(j) Smoking within the vehicle.

(3) Authorization

(a) Only drivers with a valid drivers license may operate a university vehicle.

(b) University-provided vehicles are not to be used for personal use except as authorized and described above.

(c) All drivers must be approved per the guidelines outlined by risk management.

(d) Because of the special risks they pose, drivers of large passenger vans (vans with eight seats or greater) must meet the requirements set forth in the universitys vehicle use and van driver safety policy.

(e) Commercial drivers must have a current valid commercial drivers license (CDL) and complete all necessary educational requirements for those who drive commercial vehicles in Ohio as well as meeting any federal guidelines regarding education and eligibility standards.

(f) Visitors from other countries must possess an IDP international driving permit in addition to holding a valid license from their country. They must also personally attest to their driving history if written verification is unobtainable.

(g) Any fines for tickets issued to the driver including parking tickets are the responsibility of the driver.

(4) Violations

Misuse of university vehicles and violations of this policy will be subject to university disciplinary actions and penalties as contained in the Ohio revised code for the misuse of state owned or leased vehicles.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3345
Amplifies: 3345
Prior Effective Dates: 3/17/2015