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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3344-62-04 | Review.


(A) Regular review of librarians

Each librarian shall be given a regular annual review by the personnel action committee for peer review (PAC-PR) and the director to determine if the librarian is making satisfactory progress.

(B) Personnel action committee for peer review (PAC-PR)

The PAC-PR shall be responsible for making recommendations on the performance of all librarians under review.

(1) Membership:

(a) The PAC-PR shall consist of four librarians.

(b) Two members of the PAC-PR must be at the highest two librarian ranks.

(c) When bargaining unit librarians are reviewed, two members of the PAC-PR shall be bargaining unit members and one member shall be an administrative librarian.

(d) When administrative librarians are reviewed, two members of the PAC-PR shall be administrative librarians and one member shall be a bargaining unit librarian.

(e) The administrative supervisor of the librarian under review shall not be eligible to serve on the PAC-PR reviewing that librarian.

(f) The director of the university library shall not be eligible to serve on the PAC-PR.

(2) Election:

(a) The PAC-PR shall be elected annually at a meeting of the librarians.

(b) The librarians shall first elect one bargaining unit librarian and one administrative librarian who shall participate in the PAC-PR review of all librarians. These members shall be from the highest two librarian ranks.

(c) The librarians shall then elect one administrative librarian and one bargaining unit librarian who shall rotate in service on the PAC-PR in compliance with paragraphs (B)(1)(c) and (B)(1)(d) of this rule.

(d) In the event that one of the elected members of the PAC-PR is the administrative supervisor of a librarian under review, an alternate administrative librarian shall be elected for the purpose of substituting for the administrative supervisor for the review of that librarian.

(3) Procedure:

(a) The associate director of the university library shall annually send the PAC-PR:

(i) Statements of accomplishments prepared by the librarians under review

(ii) Final draft evaluations prepared by the librarians administrative supervisor

(iii) Assigned goals for each librarian

(b) If, in the PAC-PRs judgment, the written documentation is incomplete or inadequate to enable the PAC-PR to reach a clear recommendation, the PAC-PR shall solicit additional information through the associate director.

(c) After the PAC-PR reviews all the dossiers, including the librarians statements of accomplishments and the evaluators ratings and remarks, the PAC-PR shall make its recommendations regarding each librarians annual performance to the director of the university library. The PAC-PRs recommendation becomes part of the evaluation documentation given to each librarian.

(4) Recommendation:

(a) The PAC-PRs recommendations shall be based upon established standards.

(b) The PAC-PR may make recommendations on a librarians performance of specific assignments, goals, or personal attributes when it wishes to highlight the performance of these matters or when its findings differ from those of the supervisor.

(c) The PAC-PR shall make a summary recommendation for each librarian reviewed.

(d) If the recommendation of the PAC-PR and the administrative supervisor vary considerably for any librarian, the director of the university library shall write a final summary evaluative statement. This statement shall be given to the librarian under evaluation, the PAC-PR, and the administrative supervisor.

(5) Librarians comment:

A librarian may make a written response to the PAC-PRs recommendation that shall become part of the evaluation documentation.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 111.15
Amplifies: 3344