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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3344-69-09 | Reporting and documenting of expenses.


(A) All requests for reimbursement of travel should be made on the standard university travel approval and expense report. If additional space is required, a supplementary schedule may be attached.

(B) The travel approval and expense report must be submitted after completion of travel unless prepayment of registration by the university is the only expense incurred.

(C) The travel approval and expense report should be completed and filed with the appropriate supervisor within two weeks of the travel completion date.

(D) The travel approval and expense report must be signed by the traveler and the expenses approved in accordance with rule 3344-69-03 of the Administrative Code. The approvals received prior to the trip were intended only to authorize the travel. The travel approval and expense report is then forwarded to accounts payable.

(E) If the trip is cancelled and there has been any prepayment of fees by the university, the department will be charged for these expenses. If Cleveland state university is due a refund, it is the responsibility of the department to follow-up with the vendor and ensure that credit is received.

(F) If a receipt is lost, the traveler must provide a written statement indicating that it was lost. This statement must be signed by the traveler.

(G) If the traveler received a travel advance, original receipts must be submitted and remaining funds returned to the university within two weeks of the travel completion date. If funds are not returned within a reasonable time, the full amount of the travel advance will be taxed to the traveler and included on his/her W-2. Subjecting the advance to taxation does not relieve the traveler from the responsibility of accounting for the advance and returning any unused funds.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 111.15
Amplifies: 3344