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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3358:5-1-13 | Board responsibilities.


(A) The board is to make certain contributions which lead the organization toward the desired performance. The boards specific contributions are unique to its trusteeship and necessary for proper governance and management.

(B) Consequently, the contributions of the board shall:

(1) Be the link between the college and the communities it serves and be accountable to the general public for competent, conscientious, and effective accomplishment of its obligations as a body.

(2) Write governing policies which, at the broadest levels, address:

(a) Strategic planning goals: impacts, results, benefits, and outcomes (what good for which needs at what cost).

(b) Executive limitations: constraints on executive authority which establish the prudence and ethics boundaries within which all executive activity and decisions must take place.

(c) Governance process: specification of how the board conceives, carries out, and monitors its own task.

(d) Board-president relationship: how power is delegated and its proper use monitored.

(3) Monitor presidential job performance against all policies and presidential job performance and outcomes organizational accomplishment of board policies on strategic planning, and organizational operation with the boundaries established in board policies on executive limitations.

(a) Interface appropriately with the legislative process.

(b) Support financial resource development.

(c) Take positions on appropriate public policy issues.

(d) As specifically provided by the Ohio Revised Code, perform the following duties:

(i) Appoint the president and establish his/her salary and terms of contract.

(ii) Upon the recommendation of the president, take action upon the following personnel matters:

(a) Appointments of all regular faculty and exempt employees;

(b) Terminations;

(c) Non-renewal of contracts;

(d) Layoffs and/or reductions-in-force;

(e) Promotions

(iii) Take action on financial matters as specified in the policies: asset protection, financial planning, and financial condition.

(iv) Approve the adoption of new one-year certificate and associate degree programs and the discontinuation of existing one-year certificate and associate degree programs.

(v) Grant appropriate associate degrees to students successfully completing two-year technical programs and certificates to those students successfully completing one-year certificate programs.

(vi) Prescribe policies for the effective operation of the college, including rules and regulations for the utilization of buildings and grounds by other public agencies, and exercise such powers as are necessary for the efficient management of the college.

(vii) Adhere to all Ohio Revised Code regulations regarding powers and duties of board of trustees, including but not limited to the purchase of appropriate insurance policies as required by section 3358.08 of the Revised Code; adherence to depositories, investment of funds policies, and audit as prescribed by section 3354.10 of the Revised Code; and acquisition of auxiliary or education facilities and control issuance of obligations as prescribed by section 3354.121 of the Revised Code.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3358
Amplifies: 3358
Prior Effective Dates: 10/14/2002, 3/18/2015