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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3701-18-18 | Personnel requirements for train-the-trainer programs.


(A) Each approved TTT program shall be administered by a program administrator who is a faculty member and possesses the qualifications specified by either paragraph (C)(1) or (C)(2) of this rule. If a program administrator leaves the program, the program:

(1) Shall notify the director immediately;

(2) May complete the program currently in progress; and

(3) Shall not begin a new program until the program arranges for a qualified replacement or substitute and that individual begins functioning as the program administrator.

(B) The program administrator shall be responsible for the overall administration and accountability of the program, which includes being accessible to the faculty and the participants whenever the program is operating and assuring the program's compliance with the applicable provisions of this chapter.

(C) Each approved TTT program shall arrange for the services of individuals to serve as faculty members for the TTT program. At minimum, the faculty shall consist of either of the following:

(1) One individual who possesses all of the following qualifications:

(a) A current, valid license to practice nursing as a registered nurse issued under Chapter 4723. of the Revised Code;

(b) At a minimum, a bachelor's degree;

(c) A minimum of one thousand hours of long-term care experience in direct patient care, administration, consultation, education or personnel or any combination thereof; and

(d) Experience in teaching adults, as evidenced by at least one hundred fifty hours of classroom teaching or training of adults; or

(2) Two individuals, one possessing the qualifications prescribed by paragraphs (C)(1)(a) and (C)(1)(c) of this rule and the other possessing the qualifications prescribed by paragraphs (C)(1)(b) and (C)(1)(d) of this rule.

(D) The faculty of a TTT program collectively shall be responsible for providing the instruction required by rule 3701-18-21 of the Administrative Code and for supervising instruction by guest lecturers.

(E) The TTT program may use individuals who possess the qualifications of faculty members as substitutes in cases of absences, vacations, and emergencies.

(F) The program administrator of a TTT program may arrange for an individual or individuals to serve as guest lecturers to provide training in their areas of expertise and within their scopes of practice, if needed to meet planned program objectives for a particular portion of the program. A guest lecturer shall not conduct any training skills practice or other form of evaluation. No more than six hours of the total classroom instruction may be taught by guest lecturers or by a combination of guest lecturers and media presentations. Each guest lecturer shall be registered, certified, or licensed to practice in his or her area of expertise in Ohio, if required by law, or shall be otherwise appropriately qualified. Each guest lecturer also shall have knowledge of current developments relevant to the instruction he or she will provide.

(G) Approved programs may use videotapes, films, audio tapes, interactive videodiscs, or similar media to augment classroom instruction.

(1) When a program uses a videotape, film, audio tape, interactive videodisc, or similar medium for a portion of the classroom instruction, a faculty member or guest lecturer shall be available in person, at minimum, at the conclusion of the presentation to respond to questions and generate discussion about the presentation.

(2) Not more than six hours of the minimum number of hours of classroom instruction may be taught through use of videotape, films, audio tapes, interactive videodiscs, or similar media, or through a combination of guest lecturers and media presentations. Videotapes, films, audio tapes, interactive videodiscs, or similar media or a combination of media presentations shall not be used for more than two consecutive hours.

(3) Use of an interactive videodisc system does not relieve a program of its responsibility to conduct the evaluation of the participant required by paragraph (C) of rule 3701-18-21 or the Administrative Code.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3721.30
Amplifies: 3721.28, 3721.29, 3721.30, 3721.31, 3721.32, 3721.33, 3721.34
Five Year Review Date: 2/15/2022
Prior Effective Dates: 8/31/1989 (Emer.), 12/1/1989 (Emer.), 4/20/1990 (Emer.), 7/16/1990, 9/5/1993