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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3701-36-03 | Minimum standards.


Each health district must meet the minimum standards to receive any state subsidy funds.

(A) These minimum standards are:

(1) Submission of a state health district subsidy fund application to the department due March first of each year;

(2) Completion and submission of the department's on-line report which incorporates the PHAB standards on March first of every even numbered year;

(3) Submission of status of accreditation preparation and application efforts by March first of each year;

(4) Submission of a completed annual financial report to the department by March first of each year;

(5) Be represented by the health commissioner or the health commissioner's designee at each conference provided by the Ohio department of health pursuant to section 3701.29 of the Revised Code. The health commissioner shall personally attend one of these conferences and the medical director of a health district with a non-physician health commissioner shall attend at least one session of one of the conferences. The director shall review reasons for failure to comply with this paragraph and may grant an excuse when good cause for the absence has been documented;

(6) Provide administrative leadership by:

(a) Employing a health commissioner;

(b) Employing a registered nurse as nursing director;

(c) Employing a registered sanitarian as environmental health director;

(d) Employing as medical director a doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathic medicine who is licensed to practice medicine in Ohio and who is actively involved in providing medical leadership to the local health department if the health district has a non-physician health commissioner;

(7) Provision of services for health education;

(8) Annual completion of two hours of continuing education by each member of a board of health. Each continuing education credit shall pertain to one or more of the following topics: ethics, public health principles, and a member's responsibilities. Credits may be earned in these topics at pertinent presentations that may occur during regularly scheduled board meetings throughout the calendar year or at other programs available for continuing education credit. The director of health may assist local boards of health of general and city health districts in coordinating approved continuing education programs sponsored by health care licensing boards, commissions, or associations. Continuing education credits earned for the purpose of license renewal or certification by licensed health professionals serving on boards of health may be counted to fulfill the two-hour continuing education requirement.

(a) For purposes of paragraph (A)(8) of this rule, "calendar year" means a period of twelve months beginning on January first and ending on December thirty-first.

(b) Continuing education credits shall be reported as follows:

(i) One hour of continuing education credit is equal to sixty minutes. The smallest credit increment a member of a board of health may accrue toward the completion of one credit is one quarter credit or fifteen minutes. Each member of a board of health shall submit all continuing education records to the health commissioner along with all supporting documentation that the credit meets the requirements of paragraph (A)(8) of this rule; and

(ii) The health commissioner of each district shall keep all board of health members' continuing education credit records containing the date, topic, number of credits earned, location and presenter's name or copies of certificates of continuing education credits earned for the purpose of license renewal or certification by a licensed health professional serving on the board of health.

(c) If a board of health member fails to comply with the requirements of paragraph (A)(8) of this rule, the director of health may provide:

(i) One calendar year for the board of health member to correct the deficiencies; or

(ii) The health commissioner an opportunity to request an in-person meeting or a telephone or video conference with a representative of the director of health to show good cause for the deficiencies. If good cause is not shown, the director may provide one calendar year for the board of health member to correct the deficiencies or take other appropriate action.

(9) Expenditure of a minimum of three dollars per capita in local funds for public health services per year.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3701.342
Amplifies: 3701.342
Five Year Review Date: 8/27/2017
Prior Effective Dates: 1/1/2005, 12/25/2011