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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3701-82-01.4 | Third party licensure examination administration.


(A) The director may conduct and administer licensing examinations or contract with a standardized testing service to conduct and administer the licensing examinations. Training programs may not conduct or administer licensing examinations. If the director contracts with a standardized testing service to conduct and administer licensing examinations, the contract shall require that the license examination administrator do at least the following:

(1) Utilize subject matter experts in the development of examinations for licensure;

(2) Develop an item pool for each examination for licensure with a sufficient number of examination items to produce several versions of each examination by discipline with each item being assessed and evaluated for technical accuracy and readability;

(3) Field test each examination to establish the psychometric properties of the examinations, as well as the clarity of instruction, formats, and items;

(4) Have computer capability to maintain an item pool for easy access, retrieval, and scrambling of examination items and maintenance of accurate records of examination items and their use;

(5) Develop examinations that will measure the competency of the individual to provide safe, reliable and competent work activities in the discipline being tested or;

(6) Develop examinations written for a reading comprehension level appropriate for the education and experience requirements of the discipline. Except for the lead abatement worker and clearance technician disciplines, each examination will include at least one hundred operational items with a maximum of two hours allocated for completion of the examination;

(7) Develop examinations that meet the requirements of the USEPA standards and requirements established under sections 402 and 404 of Title IV of the "Toxic Substance Control Act" (1976), 90 Stat. 2003, 15 U.S.C. 2681;

(8) Develop and implement procedures to assure quality control, confidentiality, legal defensibility and security of all examination questions, examinations and material during all stages of examination development, administration and delivery to and from examination sites;

(9) Provide Monday through Saturday Ohio toll-free telephone registration to all examination candidates, with all candidates afforded the opportunity to sit for an examination within one week of registration;

(10) Provide a minimum of four examination sites with at least one site located in the northern, central and southern portions of the state for examination candidate convenience;

(11) Provide examination sites with suitable accommodations including adequate lighting and ventilation, sufficient room for spacing the candidates, chairs and a writing surface, and accessibility to rest rooms, and ensuring that the accommodations are free from distractions that would affect optimal performance on the examination;

(12) Provide easily accessible examination sites with adequate parking facilities and public transportation;

(13) Provide a sufficient number of examination versions to deter cheating or other fraudulent activities;

(14) Provide examination sites designated as non-smoking and accessible to the handicapped or physically challenged;

(15) Provide sufficient trained personnel at each examination site to register candidates, administer the examination, closely monitor testing activities and assure the examination procedure at each examination site is consistent;

(16) Require that all candidates provide proof of successful completion of training applicable to the discipline for which they are being examined and require that candidates provide proof of identification;

(17) Screen each candidate and examine only eligible candidates meeting the required experience, education, and identification requirements for the discipline for which they are being examined;

(18) Collect all license examination fees from the candidates;

(19) Provide the candidate examination results including the passing score and the candidate's numeric score and distribute a certificate to each candidate upon successful examination completion;

(20) Provide an examination diagnostic for candidates failing the examination to assist the student in preparation for re-taking the examination;

(21) Establish capacity to electronically forward examination results to the director within forty-eight hours with transfer of data in the following order and sequence: last name, first name, middle initial, street number, street name, city, state, zip code, social security number, control number, date of birth, exam type, exam date, employing agency, score, and examination version;

(22) Re-administer an examination to any candidate at no charge if the candidates' examination failure may be due to disruptions or problems arising at the examination site;

(23) Examinations for each discipline shall be available for administration at a frequency to meet the demand;

(24) Maintain the security and confidentiality of examination materials before, during and after examination administration;

(25) Establish a data base which meets the approval of the director, and shall include without limitation information concerning pass-fail rates, training program, experience of applicants, applicant education and training level, and location of applicant by region of the state;

(26) Collect sufficient data about each examination and candidate to allow for the generation and assignment of a unique identifier for each examination date and time and for each candidate tested; and

(27) Generate routine examination reports and summaries for the exclusive use of the director.

(B) Examination fees charged by the director or the contracted examination administrator shall not exceed seventy dollars.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3742.08
Amplifies: 3742.02, 3742.04, 3742.05, 3742.10, 3742.16
Five Year Review Date: 10/24/2024
Prior Effective Dates: 4/15/2004, 7/2/2009, 8/7/2014