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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3701-9-07 | Ear piercing gun standards.


In addition to the requirements in paragraphs (M) and (N) of rule 3701-9-04 of the Administrative Code, the operator shall ensure that the business and all persons performing ear piercing services with a piercing gun comply with the following:

(A) Individuals providing ear piercing services with an ear piercing gun shall be trained in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications to properly use, clean, disinfect sterilize and store the ear piercing gun, in accordance with the rules of this chapter.

(B) The individual performing the procedure shall wear a clean, new pair of gloves for each piercing performed.

(C) The ear piercing gun shall be cleaned and disinfected between uses on each patron, by utilizing the following:

(1) If the piercing gun, other than that described in paragraph (C)(2) of this rule, utilizes disposable, single-use, sterilized studs to pierce the ear, after each use of the gun, the piercing gun shall be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner or scrubbed with an antibacterial detergent and brush to remove any foreign matter; or

(2) If the piercing gun is designed so that all parts of the gun that touch the patron's skin are disposable, such parts shall be removed from the gun and disposed of in an appropriate receptacle; and

(3) Following initial cleaning procedures appropriate for the type of ear piercing gun used, as described in paragraphs (C)(1) and (C)(2) of this rule, the ear piercing gun shall be thoroughly wiped down with an appropriate disinfectant in accordance with directions for use from the manufacturer of the disinfectant; and

(4) In the case of a visible exposure of the gun to blood, the individual performing the service shall immediately:

(a) Place the gun in a rigid, tightly closed container, before returning the gun to the manufacturer, in accordance with instructions provided by the manufacturer; or

(b) Sterilize the gun in accordance with rule 3701-9-08 of the Administrative Code; or

(c) Discard the gun in accordance with Chapter 3745-27 of the Administrative Code.

(D) The ear piercing gun shall be stored in a covered container or cabinet when not in use.

(E) Prior to performing an ear piercing procedure with an ear piercing gun, the individual offering the service shall inform all patrons requesting such services of the frequency and method utilized to disinfect and sterilize all equipment used in the ear piercing procedure and the extent to which the methods used destroy disease-producing microorganisms.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3730.10
Amplifies: 3730.09
Five Year Review Date: 8/26/2020
Prior Effective Dates: 6/13/1998