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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3701:1-43-19 | Recognition of state licenses - reciprocity.


(A) Any person who holds a specific license from another state, issued by the department having jurisdiction where the licensee maintains an office for directing the licensed activity and at which radiation safety records are normally maintained, will be granted reciprocity in the state of Ohio to conduct the same licensed activity provided that:

(1) The reciprocity form is current;

(2) The person has not violated Chapter 3748. of the Revised Code or the rules adopted thereunder;

(3) The person applies for reciprocity as outlined in this rule;

(4) The person notifies the director at least three days in advance of each entry into the state after the reciprocity agreement has been granted unless all dates and locations are specified within the agreement document; and

(5) There is no permanent location in Ohio requiring a specific license for radioactive materials.

(B) The person shall not transfer or dispose of TENORM possessed or used under the reciprocity agreement provided in paragraph (A) of this rule except by transfer to a person:

(1) Specifically licensed by the director or by another licensing state to receive such TENORM; or

(2) Exempt from the requirements for a license for such TENORM under rule 3701:1-43-07 of the Administrative Code.

(C) A person applying for reciprocity in the state of Ohio as specified in paragraph (A) of this rule shall do the following:

(1) At least three days prior to engaging in each activity for the first time in a calendar year, the person shall submit on a form provided by the director, an application for reciprocity to conduct the activity in the state of Ohio, a copy of his or her state specific license, and the appropriate fee as prescribed in rule 3701:1-38-02 of the Administrative Code. If the person, due to an emergency, is unable to file the submittal three days before engaging in activities under reciprocity, the director may waive the three-day time requirement provided that the licensee:

(a) Informs the director by telephone or facsimile of the information provided on the reciprocity application;

(b) Receives oral or written authorization for the activity from the director; and

(c) Within three days after the notification, files the reciprocity application form, a copy of the state license, and the appropriate fee.

(2) The person shall file an amended reciprocity form with the appropriate fee with the director to request approval for changes in work locations, radioactive material, or work activities different from the information contained on the initial reciprocity application.

(D) An Ohio reciprocity agreement shall expire on the last day of December of the same year that the reciprocity agreement was issued.

(E) A licensee that is engaging in activities authorized by an Ohio reciprocity agreement shall comply with all terms and conditions of the specific license for which Ohio reciprocity was issued, except for such terms or conditions as are contrary to the requirements of this rule.

(F) No person shall engage in the activities authorized by an Ohio reciprocity agreement for more than one hundred eighty days in any calendar year.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3748.04
Amplifies: 3748.01, 3748.02
Five Year Review Date: 7/1/2022