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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3770:1-8-02 | Manner of claiming prize awards.


(A) Manner of making claims. To receive a prize award, the person holding a winning ticket must claim the prize in accordance with these rules and with procedures to be adopted by the director.

(B) Claims in special lottery drawings. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these rules, the director may require that a prize award in a special lottery drawing conducted pursuant to rule 3770:1-6-06 of the Administrative Code be claimed at a particular place, and within a time less than one hundred eighty days, including without limitation, the actual time and place of the drawing at which the winner of the prize award is determined.

(C) Claims by mail. Any prize claimed by mail should be sent to lottery commission headquarters via certified or registered mail to:

"The Ohio Lottery - Room 452

615 West Superior Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44113-1879"

The lottery shall not be responsible for the loss of any claim sent by mail, nor shall a winning ticket be considered received until the valid winning ticket is actually logged in as received by the lottery claims bureau at the address noted in this paragraph.

(D) Claims made at the regional offices. Claims sent by mail to the regional offices shall be considered received by the lottery if the ticket and claiming information are photocopied and immediately forwarded to the claims bureau at lottery commission headquarters via electronic mail and the original ticket and claiming document sent via overnight courier service. Claims made in person by ticket holders at the regional offices shall be considered received by the lottery once photocopies are made of the original ticket, a claim form is completed, and after an initial validation of the ticket by the regional staff through the lottery claims bureau.

Last updated January 2, 2024 at 2:03 PM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3770.03
Amplifies: 3770.01, 3770.02, 3770.03, 3770.04, 3770.05, 3770.06, 3770.07, 3770.08
Five Year Review Date: 12/22/2023
Prior Effective Dates: 7/15/1974, 8/12/1974, 5/27/1993, 12/27/1996, 7/19/2002, 6/8/2007