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Rule 3772-10-21 | Manual game payouts.


(A) "Manual payout" means any payout not paid directly from electronic gaming equipment or a table game and any taxable jackpot.

(B) Each casino operator's internal controls shall detail the procedures for paying manual payouts. The controls shall include the following:

(1) Procedures for verification and documentation of the manual payout by a licensed employee of the respective department, or requirements for detailed information on payout documents that are generated by slot management systems;

(2) Procedures for submission of a manual payout two-part form to the cage;

(3) Procedures for processing system overrides or adjustments;

(4) Procedures for completing and filing required tax forms;

(5) Procedures for checking the identity of patrons winning taxable payouts against the intercept database;

(6) Procedures to ensure that the patron signs a manual payout verification form acknowledging the amount to be paid and receives a copy of the signed form;

(7) Procedures to ensure that a supervisor verifies and signs off on manual payouts over ten thousand dollars;.

(8) Notification of the surveillance department for manual payouts over ten thousand dollars;

(9) Procedures for providing security escorts for patrons receiving manual payouts;

(10) Procedures for the daily review of all manual payouts from electronic gaming equipment. The review shall consist of a comparison of the electronic gaming equipments recorded manual payout meter with the actual amount paid for each manual payout; and

(11) Procedures for documenting, investigating, and resolving inconsistencies encountered while reviewing manual payouts from electronic gaming equipment. The procedures shall include, but are not limited to:

(a) The variance threshold at which an investigation is necessary. The commission shall be notified of variances requiring investigation within one week of the variance discovery;

(b) The procedures for conducting and documenting the investigation; and

(c) Notification to the commission of the investigation results upon completion;

(C) A casino operator shall not offer games that offer annuity or merchandise payouts unless otherwise approved by the executive director or the executive director's designee.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3772.03
Amplifies: 3772.03
Five Year Review Date: 10/1/2021
Prior Effective Dates: 5/12/2012