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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 4123-18-06 | Transitional work programs.


(A) As used in this rule the following definitions shall apply:

(1) "Transitional work" means a work-site program that provides an individualized interim step in the recovery of an injured worker with job restrictions resulting from the allowed conditions in the claim. Developed in conjunction with the employer and the injured worker, or with others as needed, including, but not limited to the collective bargaining agent (where applicable), the physician of record, rehabilitation professionals, and the MCO, a transitional work program assists the injured worker in progressively performing the duties of a targeted job.

(2) "Transitional work developer" means the provider who submits a proposal of transitional work services to the employer and then develops the transitional work program. This provider must be qualified in accordance with paragraph (C)(1) of this rule.

(3) "Transitional work on-site therapist" means the provider who provides the on-site transitional work therapy services.

(B) Grant monies for development of a transitional work program.

Pursuant to rule 4123-17-55 of the Administrative Code, the administrator may grant monies to employers who wish to implement a transitional work program as set forth in this rule.

(C) Bureau recognition of authority to provide transitional work services.

(1) A transitional work developer shall:

(a) Be either:

(i) A vocational/medical case manager as provided in paragraph (C)(32) of rule 4123-6-02.2 of the Administrative Code;

(ii) An occupational therapist as provided in paragraph (C)(18) of rule 4123-6-02.2 of the Administrative Code; or

(iii) A physical therapist as provided in paragraph (C)(23) of rule 4123-6-02.2 of the Administrative Code;

(b) Complete bureau sponsored transitional work development training prior to delivering transitional work programs and at two year intervals; and,

(c) Have verified experience in developing transitional work programs according to the bureau's transitional work policy; or, verified mentoring experience with a developer of transitional work services according to the bureau's transitional work policy.

(2) An on-site transitional work therapist shall be a bureau certified provider as provided in rule 4123-6-02.2 of the Administrative Code and shall be licensed and certified to provide transitional work therapy within the provider's scope of practice.

(D) The bureau may deny or revoke a transitional work developer's authority to provide services if there is reasonable evidence that the developer:

(1) Engaged in unethical or illegal activities in the provision of transitional work services;

(2) Failed to maintain appropriate qualifications for providing transitional work in accordance with this rule;

(3) Failed to provide transitional work services in accordance with this rule and bureau transitional work guidelines; or,

(4) Failed to maintain valid Ohio workers' compensation coverage.

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