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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 4501-27-07 | Specifications for validation stickers.


(A) Specifications for the manufacture of validation stickers required for the annual registration of passenger, commercial, motorcycle, and other vehicles are presented herein. Except for vehicles issued permanent license plates, there shall be a single validation sticker showing the month and year that the current registration period expires issued for each vehicle. The validation sticker shall be made of weather-resistant reflective sheeting having a smooth flat outer surface consisting of lens elements enclosed within a transparent plastic. The sheeting shall have pre-coated pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back side, protected by a removable liner, for convenient and durable attachment to the license plate or upon a previously applied sticker.

(B) The reflective sheeting shall be free from ragged edges, cracks and blisters, and shall be readily cut without cracking or flaking. All sheets shall be free of foreign matter.

(C) The pre-coated adhesive on all stickers shall be of a pressure-sensitive type which shall permit the sticker to be applied to the surface of the license plate or upon a previously applied validation sticker while license plates are attached to the vehicles. The use of additional adhesive coats, water solvents, or heat techniques to apply the sticker shall not be required. The adhesive shall have no staining effect on the reflective material and shall permit application of the sticker to the license plate or previously applied sticker at temperatures of minus ten degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. The adhesive shall withstand drying oven temperatures of one hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit to at least three hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit without melting or running and shall not exude from edges of sheeting to cause stacked sheets or processed stickers to stick together during manufacture and distribution.

(D) The validation sticker shall be manufactured in a manner that insures that it shall not become brittle, flaky, discolored, or acquire a powdery surface for a period of at least five years and that permits the stacking of at least five stickers.

(E) The adhesive protective liner may have a scalloped scoreline or a straight scoreline at or near the center of each sticker for easy removal.

(F) The validation sticker under normal service use shall adhere to the surface of the license plate and, when stacked up to five stickers high, shall adhere to the sticker to which it is applied for a minimum of five years and shall not be removable intact.

(G) The director of public safety shall designate the design and colors of the validation stickers. Except as provided in paragraph (J) of this rule, the sticker design and colors for each month of each registration year shall be the same except for the applicable monthly code numbers one to twelve. The first code number shown on the sticker shall identify the month of expiration and the second series of numbers shall identify the last two digits of the year of expiration.

(H) Stickers applied in accordance with instructions shall not blister, lift, or delaminate when subjected to gasoline, kerosene, diesel oils, water, steam, and cleaning detergents normally encountered in cleaning and washing service, nor shall stickers fade, disintegrate, or come off from extended exposure within a period of five years.

(I) The dimensions of each validation sticker shall be approximately one and one-half inches in width and one inch in height.

(J) A license plate issued to a permanently registered vehicle shall bear the inscriptions "PERMANENT" and "NO EXP" in lieu of any validation sticker.

(K) The validation stickers may be produced by Ohio penal industries or on-site at the registrar's offices or at deputy registrar or limited authority deputy registrar agencies, as authorized by the registrar. Validation stickers produced on-site at the registrars offices or at deputy registrar or limited authority deputy registrar agencies shall be produced by a '"print on demand" process, whereby the registration expiration month and year shall be printed on the validation sticker as each validation sticker is issued.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 4503.02, 4503.191, 4503.22
Amplifies: 4503.191, 4503.22
Five Year Review Date: 10/5/2021
Prior Effective Dates: 7/1/1976, 2/13/1981, 8/13/1984, 2/9/1987, 12/23/1988 (Emer.), 4/9/1989, 6/13/1996, 4/27/2006, 10/22/2011, 11/13/2014