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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 4729-17-08 | Minimum standards for an institutional pharmacy.


(A) Resources

(1) All pharmacists working in a pharmacy must be able to access all current federal and state laws, regulations, and rules governing the legal distribution of drugs in Ohio;

(2) The pharmacy shall have access to the references necessary to conduct a pharmacy in a manner that is in the best interest of the patients served and to comply with all state and federal laws, rules and regulations; and

(3) Telephone number of a poison control center.

(B) Drug inventory, fixtures, and space

(1) The inventory of drugs and equipment shall be commensurate with the scope of pharmacy services provided, and housed in suitable, well-lighted and well-ventilated room(s), in a clean and sanitary area.

(2) All areas where drugs are stored shall be maintained at temperatures which will ensure the integrity of the drugs prior to their dispensing or administration as stipulated by the USP/NF and/or the manufacturer's or distributor's labeling.

(3) All areas where drugs are stored shall provide adequate physical security to deter and detect their diversion and/or adulteration.

(C) Personnel

The pharmacy shall be appropriately staffed to operate in a safe and effective manner pursuant to section 4729.55 of the Revised Code. An employee of a pharmacy that may have contact with patients or the general public must be identified by a nametag that includes the employee's job title.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 4729.26
Amplifies: 4729.55
Five Year Review Date: 9/1/2021
Prior Effective Dates: 9/10/1976, 9/1/1985, 7/1/1990, 1/10/1996, 3/1/1999, 1/1/2006, 1/1/2009