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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 4744-1-04 | Duties of officers and staff.


(A) The president shall:

(1) Designate the time and place of meetings by his/her own authority or at the written request of two or more board members.

(2) Preside at all meetings or in case of his/her inability to attend any meeting, shall designate the secretary or in the event the secretary is not available, the president shall designate one of the other members of the board to preside in his/her stead.

(3) Exercise general supervision of the affairs of the board and shall have the usual powers of such office and any other powers and duties as the board may direct.

(4) Sign all licenses and duplicates issued by the board.

(5) Sign the official minutes of the proceedings of the board which shall remain on permanent file in the board office.

(B) The secretary shall:

(1) Assist the president in carrying out his/her duties when requested.

(2) Preside over meetings in the absence of the president or in the absence of any other direction by the president.

(3) Act on behalf of the president in cases of extended incapacitation or long absence of the president.

(4) Sign all licenses and duplicates issued by the board.

(5) Sign the official minutes of the proceedings of the board which shall remain on permanent file in the board office.

(C) The executive director shall:

(1) Serve at the pleasure of the board and report to the president.

(2) Direct and manage all program activities of the board; supply the board with accurate, current information and professional advice; initiate new policies for consideration by the board; carry out all policies adopted by the board. Be responsible for the overall administration of the board's office including long-range planning and evaluation, and shall render administrative services to the board as required and report these activities to the board.

(3) Keep the minutes of the proceedings at the board meetings and the records of the board.

(4) Have custody of all fees received by the board including license fees and renewal fees, and shall be responsible for the transfer of such funds to the state treasurer.

(5) Be responsible for reviewing applications and issuing licenses approved by the board and shall account to the auditor of state for all licenses, renewals and duplicate certificates handled by the board.

(6) Be responsible for fiscal management of the board including preparation and submission of the budget for the board.

(7) Hire, train and evaluate staff and be responsible for working conditions, staff relations; public relations and professional ethics.

(8) Be responsible for the investigation of all complaints of violation of Chapters 4744., 4747., and 4753. of the Revised Code and Administrative Code; work with the assistant attorney general assigned to the board to initiate appropriate actions, prepare materials for board hearings or appeals in court and draft legislative material for the board; attend and testify at hearings.

(9) Handle public relations and public information by written and phone correspondence and act as liaison for the board with the legislature, government agencies, the profession, consumers, news media, and the general public; and

(10) Assume such other duties as the board may direct.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 4744.28
Amplifies: 4744.12, 4747.04, 4753.05
Five Year Review Date: 8/12/2024