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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 4753-7-01 | Licensure of aides.


(A) A license for a speech-language pathology aide or an audiology aide shall be issued only to a person working under an application approved by the board.

(B) A "speech-language pathology aide" is a person who, after appropriate training, performs tasks that are planned, prescribed, delegated, directed, and supervised by a licensed speech-language pathologist, according to an application approved by the board.

(C) An "audiology aide" is a person who after appropriate training, performs tasks that are planned, prescribed, delegated, directed, and supervised by a licensed audiologist, according to an application approved by the board.

(D) The licensed speech-language pathologist or audiologist who signs the application for the aide shall supervise that particular aide. The aide may provide services only under the supervision of the speech-language pathology or audiology supervisor of record for that applicant. If more than one supervisor is to be involved with the aide, a plan shall be submitted by each supervisor.

(E) Qualifications for aides shall be:

(1) A high school degree or equivalent;

(2) Successful completion of training requirements as outlined in the approved application.

(F) Training for aides shall be well-defined and specific to the approved application and the assigned tasks. The licensed supervisor shall ensure that the scope and intensity of training encompass all of the activities assigned to the aide. Training shall be competency based and provided through a variety of formal and informal instructional methods. Licensed supervisors shall provide aides with information on roles, functions, and any related laws. Continuing education opportunities shall be provided to ensure that practices are current and that skills are maintained. The licensed supervisor shall maintain written documentation of training activities.

(G) The aide application shall be filed with the board for approval and the application shall include, but need not be limited to:

(1) The location (name and address) where the aide will work;

(2) The business name and address of the employer of the aide;

(3) A description of the activities to be performed by the aide;

(4) A description of the training the aide has received that will enable the aide to perform the planned activities;

(5) A description of the direct supervision that the aide will receive in the performance of the aide's duties.

(6) An agreement to abide by the speech-language pathology and audiology code of ethics.

(H) Any experience obtained while acting as a speech-language pathology aide or audiology aide shall not be creditable toward the supervised clinical experience required in division (C) of section 4753.06 of the Revised Code or the required professional experience required in division (D) of section 4753.06 of the Revised Code.

(I) The purpose of aides is to support licensed speech-language pathologists or audiologists in specified aspects of testing and recordkeeping. Aides shall not act independently and shall not:

(1) Perform diagnostic testing, including but not limited to use of an otoscope. An aide may use an otoscope when all of the requirements under paragraphs (C)(3)(b) and (C)(3)(b)(i) of rule 4753-6-01 of the Administrative Code have been met for environmental hearing conservation/prevention programs, pursuant to regulations promulgated by the United States department of labor, occupational safety and health administration.

(2) Interpret observations or data into diagnostic statements of clinical management strategies or procedures;

(3) Determine case selection;

(4) Initiate, modify, plan or develop therapy procedures;

(5) Implement therapy procedures;

(6) Function without direct supervision;

(7) Transmit clincal information, either verbally or in writing to anyone without the approval of the licensed supervisor;

(8) Compose clinical reports except for notes to be reviewed by the supervisor and held in the patient's/client's records;

(9) Refer a patient/client to other professionals or agencies;

(10) Refer to himself or herself either orally or in writing with a title other than "aide;"

(11) Sign any formal documents such as treatment plans, reimbursement forms or reports;

(12) Discharge a patient/client from services.

(13) Communicate with the patient/client, family, or others regarding any aspect of patient/client status or service without the specific consent of the supervisor and in accordance with the application approved by the board;

(14) Act for the licensed person at treatment team meetings or in any matter related to direct care of patients/clients which requires judgment or decision-making;

(15) Provide consultation, counseling, recommendation for assessment, assessment, treatment protocols, results/outcomes, recommendations, treatment/intervention plans, or patient/client referrals on any matter regarding care of patients/clients;

(16) Provide professional training of other staff;

(17) Provide program review for individualized habilitation plans or other forms of care planning for patients/clients;

(18) Supervise or manage infant hearing screening programs or occupational hearing conservation/prevention programs. The supervision and management of infant hearing screening programs and occupational hearing conservation/prevention screening programs must be performed by a licensed audiologist;

(19) Perform any duties not prescribed in the approved license application nor work for any other speech-language pathologist or audiologist who is not specified as the supervisor on the approved license application;

(20) Perform any duties without proper training; and

Use influence in clinical matters, when the aide is the owner of a practice/business providing services, while being supervised by an employee or consultant of their business/practice.

(J) An aide shall be clearly identified as an aide by a badge worn during all contact with patients/clients.

Last updated December 7, 2021 at 8:14 AM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 4753.05, 4753.072
Amplifies: 4753.05, 4753.071, 4753.072
Five Year Review Date: 12/7/2026
Prior Effective Dates: 11/16/1992 (Emer.), 2/9/1993, 7/22/2001, 4/24/2006