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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 4901:1-6-11 | Tariff services.


(A) Services required to be tariffed

(1) The rates, terms, and conditions for 9-1-1 service provided in this state by a telephone company or a telecommunications carrier, and for each of the following provided by a telephone company, shall be approved and tariffed by the commission and shall be subject to all applicable laws, including rules or regulations adopted and orders issued by the commission or the federal communications commission:

(a) Basic local exchange service (BLES), including BLES installation and reconnection fees and lifeline service rates or discounts.

(b) Carrier access.

(c) N-1-1 service.

(d) Pole attachments and conduit occupancy under section 4905.71 of the Revised Code.

(e) Pay telephone access lines.

(f) Toll presubscription.

(g) Excess construction charges.

(h) Inmate operator services.

(i) Telecommunications relay service.

(2) All other telecommunications services offered by a telephone company shall not be included in tariffs filed with the commission, but shall still be subject to commission oversight and regulation as provided in Chapter 4927. of the Revised Code and Chapter 4901:1-6 of the Administrative Code.

(B) Tariffing requirements

All tariffs for services required to be tariffed under paragraph (A) of this rule, shall include both the appropriate issued (the date the tariff was filed with the commission) and effective (the date the service(s) will be offered) dates. All tariffs shall include, at a minimum, the following elements:

(1) A title page and a table of contents.

(2) A description of all services offered along with all terms and conditions associated with the provision of each service.

(3) For BLES, a description of the actual BLES local service area in which a customer may complete a call without incurring a toll charge. Any change to a local service area must be reflected in the tariff on file with the commission.

(4) A complete list of rates, relative to the provision of each service.

(5) For BLES, a statement informing customers that all telephone companies offering BLES are subject to the commission's service requirements for BLES found in rule 4901:1-6-12 of the Administrative Code.

(6) For tariffs filed requiring prior commission approval, each final tariff sheet must exhibit the commission authority by designating the case number in which the tariff was approved, the automatic date of effectiveness or commission order date, the effective date of the tariff sheet, the name of the telephone company, and the name of an officer of the telephone company. This information should be included in a header, a footer, or a combination thereof.

(7) For tariffs filed pursuant to a zero-day notice filing, each final tariff sheet should include the effective date of the tariff sheet, the name of the telephone company, and the name of an officer of the telephone company. This information should be included in a header, a footer, or a combination thereof.

(C) Tariff filing (TRF) docket

(1) The commission shall maintain and designate for each telephone company offering tariffed telecommunications services a TRF docket for the filing of final tariffs and filings subject to a zero-day notice procedure.

(2) The docketing division will assign a TRF docket number when a telephone company seeks to obtain initial certification.

(3) For applications in which new or revised tariff pages are involved, such tariff page(s) shall be filed in final form in the TRF docket and include the appropriate application purpose code, where applicable. For filings subject to a zero-day notice procedure, such notice shall include a filing form, description of filing request, final tariff pages, and, if applicable, a customer notice. For nonautomatic applications and those applications subject to an automatic approval process (other than the zero-day notice process), final tariff pages must be filed within ten calendar days after the approval date. The effective date on the tariffs shall be a date no sooner than the date the final tariffs are filed with the commission.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 4927.03, 4901.13
Amplifies: 4927.15
Five Year Review Date: 5/14/2023
Prior Effective Dates: 4/8/2003, 9/18/2007, 1/20/2011